Helpful Money-Saving Grocery Tips

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Helpful Money-Saving Grocery Tips

Grocery shopping is one of those things that we simply can’t avoid. Unless we have a farm out back, we simply have to buy food. Even with a farm we would have to spend money on toilet paper, soap and various other household necessities. Fortunately, you can save plenty of money while grocery shopping. Here are some tips that will cut that grocery bill down to size each and every time you shop:

Familiarize yourself with your convenient options

Most people know the stores that are nearby and the ones they pass every single day. There may, however, be better options along a different path home. Get online and map out the stores that might be worth checking out and you might find some bargain stores hiding on your daily commute. It is good to know the places you can go without going out of your way.

Write out your shopping list ahead of time

If you are trying to save money, there is no single thing you can do that is more important. Shopping from a list will save you cash every single time. The key is to have the discipline to stick to the list each time you shop.

Familiarize yourself with unit prices

Unit prices are simply the amount you are paying per serving. This information is on most major grocery store price stickers. Usually it is in small print at the bottom. You would be shocked at how many buy one get one free deals are not deals at all. Read the stickers and make sure you are getting the best deal.

Use coupons strategically<h/2>

Unless you donate things you don’t use to food banks or shelters, you should pretty well stick to the things you buy on a regular basis. Many people will use coupons simply because they have them. Often, the coupon is not even a good deal after the savings for any number of reasons. A coupon is never a good deal for your tight budget when it is on an item that is not going to be used. Stick to the items you know and use the coupons when they will have the most power to lower your food bill.

Use a meal planner

These are automated online in many cases and can certainly be custom built to fit your family. Just sit down and write out your list of favorite meals. Then write down the ingredients needed for each one. Make a grocery list that includes that weeks groceries and buy according to the meal plan. Not only will you know what you are doing each week, you will set a solid budget that is easy to stick to. Meal planners are basically budgets for your grocery bill. They also happen to organize your lifestyle which is a bonus.

Whip out that green thumb

If you have room in your yard, plant a few fruits and veggies. You would be shocked at how much even a small square of land will yield. This can save you a ton of cash over the course of the year and you will be able to sustain it over and over again. Plant a handful of your favorites and you will find yourself spending less in no time.

Become a leftover magician

Leftovers are always going to be a problem unless you simply clear the dishes every single night as a family. Most families have some leftovers. One way to save is to limit these leftovers. Start making smaller portions and adjust up each time you make a meal. Sooner or later you will know what amounts are needed. When you do have leftovers, make sure they are sent for lunches the next day. This will not always be popular with the kiddos, but make sure they understand the importance of clearing the plates the night before. It is a good motivation for them to eat their food. When you do have unavoidable leftovers, look online for recipes that can use them the next night. Either way, you are cutting waste and saving cash.

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