How to Organize a Proper Sleeping Area

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 How to Organize a Proper Sleeping Area

How to Organize a Proper Sleeping Area

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. Lack of sleep certainly creates plenty of problems, but creating a better sleep environment for yourself can help you catch some better z’s. Check out these tips for organizing a proper sleeping area so you can spend your nights snoozing.

Make It Comfortable

A proper sleeping area needs to be comfortable, that’s a given. How can you make it so? Make sure your bed is in good order — no broken springs or slats on the bed or bed springs. Include fresh, clean bedding that you like and that makes you feel pampered and comfy.

How many pillows do you want? Remember that your sleeping area is all about you and what you prefer. Add in as many pillows as you like to have if they make you comfortable and help you get a good night of rest.

Choose soothing colors that please the eye but also make you feel calm. You may love bright, bold colors, but softer, more muted colors will help you feel calmer and more restful.

Reduce Clutter

It’s hard to settle down and relax in a cluttered environment. Cut the clutter in your sleeping area so you spend your time relaxing and resting instead of fretting over the “stuff” that’s sitting around. Do a clean sweep if you need to and store the clutter in storage boxes in the closet or elsewhere in the house. The point is to get it out of sight so your sleeping area is calm and relaxing.

Include Proper Lighting

Skip the harsh, bright lights. Opt for soft lighting that helps you relax. You may want a string of white Christmas lights or a small lamp with a low watt bulb. Try to skip harsh overhead lighting and go with lamps if possible.

Make Use of a Small Table or Nightstand for Supplies

To create a proper sleeping area, you will want a small table or nightstand nearby to keep certain supplies at hand. You may want a journal and ink pen to write in before bedtime or a meditation book to help you relax. You may also want to keep hand and body lotion or essential oils for aromatherapy before bedtime. If you like to read before you sleep, the nightstand or bedside table is a perfect spot to keep your favorite tome.

Cut Out Distractions

Your sleeping area should be just for sleeping and relaxing. Cut out distractions like video games, eating snacks, writing out shopping lists and other things that can get your mind and body working on staying awake instead of going to sleep.

A proper sleeping area can help you catch your forty winks every night. Getting it all organized to help you get the best sleep possible will improve your chances of resting even better.

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