How to Organize For a Moving Day

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How to Organize for a Moving Day

How to Organize For a Moving Day

If you’re moving and your big moving day is coming up, you will want to make sure it’s organized. An organized moving day will go much more smoothly and quickly and have you and your things loaded, delivered, and unloaded with few hitches. Check out these tips to help you put it all in order.

Set a Date

Choose your moving date and work around it. Once you’ve picked your date, you can begin a countdown to getting everything accomplished. Figure out how far in advance you will need to make arrangements for the new place (utilities, mail, etc.) and how much time you will need to get everything in order for the move. Use these time frames to help create a countdown and a checklist to make sure you get everything done.

Round Up Helpers

Enlist volunteers to help you with your moving day. Ask friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors to help you move on the big day. Make sure they know the specific date and time you need them to arrive to help. Be sure to provide plenty of bottled water, sports drinks, snacks, and even breakfast and lunch (donuts and pizza anyone?) for all of your helpers since they will be working up an appetite.

Create an Itinerary

You will need to have an idea about how long you expect your moving day activities to take. Create a loose itinerary to help you stay on track with your progress. For example, if you want to have the entire house loaded up and emptied by 3:00 you may need to be finished with the living room, kitchen and bathroom by lunch time. Remember that things will come up to impede your progress so your itinerary is simply a guideline to help you along and is not set in stone.

Have a Plan

You don’t want to approach your moving day haphazardly. Have a plan of attack for getting everything accomplished. You may want to start with one room and work your way through the house until every room is emptied, or you may want to start with furniture then move on to boxes. However you plan to tackle this big job, you need to plan it out to make it go more smoothly and efficiently. Figure out what you think will work best then go with it.

Make sure all of your family members and helpers know what your plan is. Write it all down if you need to and put it somewhere so others can take a look at your checklists. You will need everybody on board to get this job done in a timely manner and make sure nothing is forgotten.

Be flexible during your moving day. Not everything will go exactly as planned, but the important part is that you get your family and your things moved. Keep in mind that your helpers are volunteering their time for you so treat them well and when it’s all finished — celebrate and enjoy your new place.

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