Top 8 Sleep Problems To Avoid

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Top 8 Sleep Problems To Avoid

A good night sleep is vital to your health, and these sleep problems to avoid will help you to make sure your body is getting the rest that it so desperately needs. It’s not just about the amount of sleep you get each night, but the quality of sleep you are getting. Make sure you avoid these common problems to get the best night sleep possible.


Top 8 Sleep Problems To Avoid


Not using the right pillow(s). Nothing can cause you to be uncomfortable in your sleep like having a pillow that isn’t right for you. Every person is different, and that means there is no one size fits all pillow. Test out soft, hard, memory foam or feather pillows to find the one that offers you proper support in your sleep. For some people who have reflux issues or issues with snoring, a foam wedge pillow is also needed for elevation.


Sleeping on a bed that is worn out. We somehow believe that our bed should last forever, but reality is a bed that is “broken in” may actually be harder for you to sleep on than a new quality bed. If your back hurts, you find yourself tossing around a lot to get comfortable or you simply feel like you aren’t resting well, you may want to look into buying a new bed.  But just know that not all beds are created equal.  I’ve tried, and spent thousands of dollars, on many beds only to be very disappointed.  Be sure to read my honest intelliBED review here for some good insight on shopping for a bed.


Eating too close to bedtime. This tends to be a problem more for adults who have reflux issues than others. Eating too close to bedtime can often result in waking up with heartburn or reflux issues. It can also make your body a bit too hyped up to relax and get quality sleep.


Drinking too close to bedtime. For some a glass of warm milk seems to be the best bedtime treat, but for others a beverage at bedtime is a big mistake. Whether it is caffeine that keeps you awake, or the liquid causing you to wake up more often to use the bathroom, drinking close to bedtime can be a big issue.  I personally don’t have anything to drink an hour or two before bedtime.


Letting pets or children sleep in your bed. Co-sleeping is highly popular and works wonderfully for many families, but it can also be a big problem in quality of sleep for some. If you are finding yourself without good rest, it may be time to consider making your bed off limits for night time visits from your kids or even your pets.


Going to bed too late. When you are overly tired, your body has a harder time resting. This means you’ll end up not only tired because you went to bed later, but tired because your body is unable to rest well with the sleep you do get.


Having too many distractions in your bedroom. The television, your smart phone, night lights, noise and more can be distractions that keep you from falling asleep. On the other hand, there are some people who sleep best with white noise in the background. If you find yourself constantly getting caught up in watching another TV show before bed, reading on your phone or staying on social media too late it is time to remove those distractions.


Waiting too long to talk to your doctor. Sleep issues can often be true medical conditions. From excessive snoring to sleep apnea, there are many physical issues that keep you from getting the rest that you truly need. Don’t wait too long. This is one of the top sleep problems to avoid, because it can make the difference not only in how you sleep, but how you feel on a day to day basis.


For the best night sleep, you need to make sure you consider these sleep problems to avoid. Change your bedtime routine, and have a wonderful quality night sleep instead.

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