7 Foods To Boost Your Memory

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7 Foods To Boost Your Memory

7 Foods To Boost Your Memory

When it comes to our memory, variation is the norm. Some of us can remember phone numbers while others are experts at remembering faces. Some folks can learn foreign languages easily while others can barely remember where they left their keys most of the time. Struggling with your memory is frustrating. Fortunately, there are a ton of wonderful, natural options to boost memory function. Not only do these foods help out with your memory, the are also extremely tasty.

Here are 7 delicious foods that will help to boost your memory function:


This wonderful fruit is loaded with beta carotene and that is known to fight free radicals. Vitamin A is another wonderful benefit of apricots and you can get a huge dose just by eating a handful of these yummy tasting treats. Consider adding apricots to your diet to boost memory function.

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Apples are a great source of something called quercetin and it has been linked to improving memory function. Add in the fact that apples are also great for cancer prevention and countless other things and you can quickly see why they are so vital to our daily menu. Apples are awesome for memory function.


This is all about the B6 and people who have shortages are sure to feel the lethargy. Vitamin deficiencies are tough regardless, but B vitamins seem to be particularly bad for memory and function. Bananas are delicious in a million different forms so adding a few per week should be a breeze.


Again, the power of the antioxidants is in play with blueberries. These incredible berries are known to do a ton of great things for the body including repairing already damaged memory. Adding these to your daily intake makes good sense when you consider the long list of things that it does to improve your health…memory among them.


Perhaps it is the omega-3 in the fish and perhaps it is other things, but studies have proven that fish is a powerful weapon in the fight against aging. People that eat fish regularly are living longer and healthier. That alone is reason enough to throw your line in the water every now and then.

Green Tea

Most people really enjoy tea and green tea is especially delicious. What people don’t usually realize is that green tea is loaded with protecting antioxidants that can stave off things like Alzheimer’s disease. Drink a nice green tea every now and then and you will feel better for it.

Turnip Greens

These yummy greens are loaded with Vitamin E. This vitamin will help a great deal with memory function as you age. In fact, the delivery of vitamin E you get in turnip greens and other foods is far superior to the supplements that you can buy. Natural antioxidants are the key here.

Memory function doesn’t have to be a problem as we age. Eating right will certainly help along with staying in touch with your doctor and exercising. Next time you want a snack, consider one of these seven awesome foods to help fight off memory loss!

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