7 Tips to a Clean and Organized Living Room

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7 Tips to a Clean and Organized Living Room

7 Tips to a Clean and Organized Living Room

Your living room is one of the main rooms in your home. Your family spends a lot of time there, and when you have guests, that’s probably where you direct them. Getting that living room cleaned up and organized so it’s ready for use takes a little work, but it can be done. Here are a few steps to getting things in order.

Start at the Doorway

When getting your living room in order, use the doorway as a starting point. This will not only give you a place to start, but it will help you stay on track as you go. You will need to work your way around the room in a counter clockwise direction.

Use a Box or a Laundry Basket

As you are working around the room, pick up everything and put it into a box or a laundry basket. You know how living rooms are — there will be books, magazines, toys, shoes, and who knows what else scattered around. Scoop it all up and put it in the box or basket for sorting and redistributing.

Remove Anything That Doesn’t Belong

After you have boxed everything up, start sorting. Anything that belongs elsewhere needs to go there. Immediately. If you have your kids helping, put them to work on putting items where they belong.

Dust Everything

After you have gathered everything up and put it elsewhere, grab your dusting cloth or favorite dusting tool and start dusting! Don’t forget to dust the windowsills and the ceiling fan or ceiling light.

Clean Floors

After you have finished all the dusting, it’s time to clean up the floors. If you have vinyl flooring or hardwood, use a broom to first sweep the floor. Use a mop to do a wet wash on the floor after sweeping thoroughly. If you have carpet, run your vacuum cleaner over the floor. If you have a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner, now is the perfect time to use it. A clean organized living room absolutely requires a good floor cleaning now and then.

Use Decorative Containers for Storage

Choose some decorative containers to use for storage. Typical items that most of us store in the living room would be a few toys for the kids, DVDs, magazines, maybe a few books. These things can make your living room look cluttered if they are not contained. Look for a decorative trunk, a storage ottoman, a coffee table with a storage area, or some pretty boxes or baskets to use.

Create a Place for Everything

Take the storage a step further and make sure that there is a specific place for everything in your living room. If something doesn’t have a place that it belongs, well, then it just doesn’t belong. Put it elsewhere. This will help you cut the clutter and keep your living room in shape.

Put your living room in order and you will be happy with the clean, organized room you can now enjoy. Spend the time to do more than surface cleaning and organizing and you will be setting your living room up to stay ready for your family’s use and enjoyment

If you are in need of better organization skills in general, then we have some things here that will be sure yo help you out! Check out our guide to Getting Organized! If you find that you are still having organization problems, then you might want to try this book on organizing inside and out!


Print the Living Room Cleaning and Organization Checklist here:  Living Room Cleaning and Organization checklist

Living Room Cleaning and Organization checklist

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  1. I like the idea of starting at the door and working your way around. I often get overwhelmed zipping around the whole room, so doing it this way you’ll give you a bit more of a system to work with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very Informative article! living room is usually the first thing a guest sees when he or she walks into your home. So cleaning and organizing is the most important things of your living room. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We are renovating our home, and I would love some new living room furniture to update the look. I love the sectional you have picked out. It looks classy but comfortable at the same time. Also, that swivel chair is fantastic! I might need a pair of those in my house. Thanks for these ideas and the inspiration!

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