Creative Uses For Personal Lubricant

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I bet you didn’t know there were lots of unique and creative uses for personal lubricant did you? I didn’t until I had a long conversation with my bestie on this exact subject. We did a lot of giggling but I also learned that there are some really great ideas aside from it’s intended use too. Some I had never even thought of.  Here are just a few we talked about below:

Creative Uses For Personal Lubricant

Cold Night on the Sofa? The winter months are here so it’s a great idea to go in front of the fireplace and use the SASMAR warming lubricant, but after it, if you’re too hot, you can freeze this tube to get a frozen gel packs. It’s also great idea for the summer months after you’ve been working in the yard and need to cool down a bit.

A fruity smell in the house?  SASMAR Strawberry and SASMAR Cherry have a nice, fresh and powerful smell but also taste! Even if you can eat it (should say it’s really incredible, but it tastes really good!), don’t try to cook it but use it for a nice atmosphere in the bedroom or as great detangler. Just smooth a small amount through hair and comb as normal. Since it is water based, it won’t leave the hair feeling greasy or sticky like many other detangling solutions.  Now be sure to try the fruit flavoured ones, they leave a beautiful light scent! Strawberry and Cherry flavors are perfect for this.  My youngest now wants cherry hair everyday!

The longer lasting lubricant:  it’s a silicone based, this lubricant last longer than others. You can use as a massage oil or to unstick zippers! Another idea is for things like stuck rings.  You know the rings that are a bit too tight.  They can easily slide off with a dab of personal lubricant. It’s great item to have on hand if you have a few rings that tend to be a bit on the tight side some days.

The one for everyday use:  SASMAR Classic can be used for everyday use, it’s non sticky.  I hate sticky.  Sometime I run out of shaving gel, I used the SASMAR CLASSIC and the result is amazing!  A thin layer is moisturizing and works great to give you the close shave you want and need. 

Couldn’t find your lovely Pina Colada in your favorite bar? Try the SASMAR Pina Colada in bed and go in another bar with shiny leather shoes. If you are out of shoe polish, a bit of personal lubricant rubbed into the surface of a patent leather shoe will make it shine beautifully.  The guys will love this tip!

Run out of massage cream? This is especially handy for those who don’t like oils on their skin. Personal lubricant offers the same easy massage you want, without the yucky oil that clogs pores. I highly suggest the SASMAR Original, silicone based, which is amazing for this but it last also longer than other!

La french touch in the US.  Most women love french vanilla, especially SASMAR Vanilla with his great smell, but sometimes it happens that you cannot open his zipper … Use lubricant for both then! Zippers on pants, jackets or boots can easily be unstuck when you add a dab of personal lubricant to the zipper.  Works like a charm every time!





You don’t want to run out of SASMAR.  There are just way to many good uses for it.  I really like all the flavors but the Vanilla, Pina Colado and Warming are seriously the best.  Trust me when I say you’ve got to get the warming!  You will thank me later.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SASMAR®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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