5 Ways to Make Sure Mosquitoes Don’t Target You In A Crowd

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5 Ways to Make Sure Mosquitoes

5 Ways to Make Sure Mosquitoes Don’t Target You In A Crowd

There are few things that are more maddening than mosquitoes. They buzz, bite and annoy all while spreading some of the nastiest diseases in the world. Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes zoom in on certain people in a crowd while others seemingly go untouched?

This is because certain things draw them in. It stands to reason then, that if we know what those things are, we can avoid some of these little monsters, right? Here are five things you can actively do to keep the skeeter bites to a minimum.

Stop Breathing

Yep. Carbon dioxide is a skeeter magnet and will draw them in like crazy. If you can somehow manage to stop breathing, you won’t have any problems keeping the mosquitoes away.

It may not be realistic, but the truth is the truth. When you are in a crowd, try holding your breath and perhaps everyone else will be the target instead.

Stay clean

Seems like a good idea any old time, but keeping clean will also keep the mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes have been proven to be attracted to body odor. Go figure.

Use very laid back soaps and scents

Strong scented deodorants, soaps and perfumes are a magnet for this little blood suckers so leave them behind when you are going to be outdoors. Mosquitoes seem to like most any strong smell so you want to put yourself on the scentless trail as much as possible.

Wear bright clothing

This seems unreasonable but they are more attracted to the darker shades. Black clothes, in particular are attractive to the little buggars. Choose something in a nice neon or shining yellow and you should be good on the mosquito front. Sounds ridiculous, right? Ridiculous but true!

Avoid sweating

On a hot day this can be tough, but sweat absolutely attracts mosquitoes. Getting out and being active is a ton of fun but you can be sure you will be a bit more exciting to the bugs in the area. This is because mosquitoes are hunting for a heat source and smell.

If you are warm blooded, you give off heat and are exactly what they are looking for. They want the blood that is pulsing inside of us and can sense it better when we are warmed up and sweating.

Mosquitoes are simply looking for a food source just like any other living creature. Unfortunately they are ridden with disease and spread it in the process of feeding.

Avoiding mosquito activity where you are able is a good idea. Hopefully these five tips will help you out along the way.

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