11 Denture Tab Cleaning Hacks You Won’t Believe

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11 Denture Tab Cleaning Hacks You Won’t Believe

11 Denture Tab Cleaning Hacks You Won’t Believe

If you have ever seen someone clean their dentures with those little denture tablets, you surely must have noticed that the little bubbles are pretty powerful. In fact, that odd mixture of ingredients is one of the best cleaning agents around when you start to take advantage of them. They are cheap, work in millions of cool ways and can do many of the things around your house that you hate dealing with.

Don’t believe it?

Well take a look at the following 11 denture tab cleaning hacks:

Clean Your Coffee Mugs/Pots

You know how you get those nasty coffee rings around your coffee mugs? Simple soak a tab in it and let it do the work for you. The same goes for the inside of your coffee maker, your coffee decanter and anything else with coffee stains.

Clean Your Toilets

Drop a couple of tablets in overnight and then flush in the morning after a quick wipe with your brush. There is no easier way to clean your toilet.

Clean Your Gold Jewelry

Soak your jewelry in a glass with a tablet and it will shine like new!

Clean Your Sheer White Curtains

Put two tablets in your washing machine and then wash your curtains like usual. Afterwards let them air dry and you will have beautiful white sheer curtains once again. No wrinkles either!

Clean Your Dishwasher

Those dishwasher cleaners are expensive! Instead, drop a couple of these in the cycle and you will be shocked at how clean your dishwasher will come out.

Clean Your Teapot

Just like with coffee, tea stains will not stand up against the denture tab cleansers. Use them often and you will never have a tea stained cup or pot.

Clean Grout

We all know how tough grout can be where stains are concerned. Make a mixture of water and denture tabs and then use a toothbrush to work the solution into the grout. You will see your grout shine once again!

Unclog Your Drain

Three tablets down the drain with a cup or so of white vinegar will do the trick when you are clogged.

Cleaning Narrow Vases

If you find yourself fighting to get to the dirty insides of vases because of the skinny necks, simply drop in a tablet or two with some water. Let the solution work for you and you will have clean vases without scrubbing.

Put the Sparkle Back in Your Diamonds

A cup of denture tab water will bring your diamonds back to sparkling if you let them sit for a bit.

Clean Out Your Thermos

If you hate drinking from a stained thermos and are used to throwing them away after you have stained them, take heart. From now on you can clean them with a couple of denture tabs and water and never throw them away again.

What other denture tab cleaning methods are you aware of?

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  1. Thanks for the information! I’m surprised that there are so many other uses for denture tabs than just for cleaning dentures. One of the cleaning hacks that I’m most surprised by is that it can be used to clean my gold jewelry. I’ve been looking for something effective and safe for my jewelry, so perhaps I should try using my mother’s denture tabs to see how they work.

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