House Cleaning Schedule Tips for Working Moms

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These house cleaning schedule tips for working moms will help find what works for you and your family dynamic. From one mom to another got this!

Developing a house cleaning schedule for working moms is important for keeping everything in order in your home. Holding down a full-time job, raising kids, being a wife and friend are tough to manage all while keeping your home in order. These tips will help you to have a house cleaning schedule that works for you and your family dynamic.

House Cleaning Schedule Tips For Working Moms

Create a daily chore chart

The only truly effective way to have a house cleaning schedule is to create a chore chart or list so you aren’t forgetting things. Keep track of all the must clean things on a regular basis (kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming), as well as the ones that only need to be done occasionally (baseboards, ceiling fans, etc.). A list will help you to keep track, as well as be able to focus on the immediate needs within your schedule.


Get your family involved

The number one way to have an effective house cleaning schedule is to make sure you aren’t the sole person responsible for all cleaning. That means you start delegating tasks to your kids and spouse. As a working mom, your family should be helping you with daily tasks from cleaning the bathroom to preparing meals. Assign chores to your children, and focus on working together as a team.


Focus on heavy traffic zones daily

Some areas are going to need more attention on a regular basis. This is typically your bathroom, kitchen and living area. To focus on these means to make sure you are attending to basic needs daily. Bathrooms can be picked up daily, and counters wiped down regularly. Living areas should be picked up, vacuumed or declutter daily. Your kitchen will likely be the area needing the most of your time with dishes, clean up after cooking and even sanitizing counters.


Deep clean one thing each day

To help you keep up with all of your cleaning needs, you can make a list of items to deep clean. Add one item per day to your list. This could be doing ceiling fans, wiping down baseboards, cleaning your shower or bathtub, vacuuming under cabinets or furniture or even wiping down walls or ceilings in each room. Divide all of the deep clean projects into a list and assign one item to each day. This keeps your house clean, without you spending hours a day cleaning.


Create a 15-minute plan

Create lists or plans that can be accomplished in 15 minutes. Add things like wiping down kitchen counters, vacuuming one room, loading the dishwasher, emptying the trash, changing bed linens or similar items that take only a few minutes but greatly impact the way your home looks and feels.


These tips for building a house cleaning schedule for working moms are simple, but they will work. Being able to keep your house in order while you work full time may seem impossible, but it’s not. You can easily work to utilize a customized to your home house cleaning schedule that will leave you with a clean home, and more time to relax with your spouse and children.

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