How to Organize a Nursery

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Organize a Nursery

How to Organize a Nursery

Preparing your home for that new bundle of joy is one of the most enjoyable things about being pregnant. Putting everything in place and having it ready to bring that blessing home is an exciting activity for a mom-to-be during the latter part of pregnancy. Here are some great tips to organize a nursery and to keep it that way once the little one comes home:


Some of the most important items in a nursery are the furniture pieces that will be necessary for the baby. Your baby will need a place to sleep, but you may choose to put a smaller bassinet or cradle in Mom and Dad’s bedroom during the early days and weeks. For the nursery, though, you will need a full-size crib for the baby as she gets older.

Baby also needs a dresser of some type to keep all of those adorable little clothes organized. Keep bending over at a minimum by placing the most used items in the top drawers and lesser needed things in the bottom. Blankets and clothing in bigger sizes can go in the bottom drawers while jammies, daily outfits, socks, onesies, and even extra diapers can go in top drawers.

If you choose to use a changing table, you will want to keep diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, and even a few toys stored on it. Use decorative boxes to store and organize items on the changing table shelves. You may even wish to store baby’s everyday clothes, jammies, and onesies in boxes on the changing table so they are handy.

Don’t forget a rocking chair and a small end table next to the chair for Mama. You will probably be spending a lot of time rocking baby in that chair so make it comfortable for you. Include a small pillow or cushion to make the chair comfy and add a small bedside lamp to the end table so you won’t need to turn on overhead lights and wake up your little one.

Keep Your Path Clear

Keep the floor of the nursery clear so you won’t trip over anything during middle-of-the-night trips in to check on the baby. Add a few dusk-to-dawn nightlights for better visibility.


Keep all of those “to grow into” clothes stored away and organized so you can find them later on. Use plastic storage boxes with lids and mark them with the sizes. Include one box for outgrown clothes so you can store or give those away as baby gets too big for them. Don’t forget smaller boxes to store shoes in. You may run across great bargains at yard sale or thrift stores in bigger sizes, so be sure to put them away in an organized manner so you can find them later on.

Hang Up Items

Use decorative coat racks or individual hooks to help with organizing the nursery. Hang up items like jackets, frequently-used blankets, even net bags to hold toys.

Enjoy putting together that nursery as you await the arrival of your new baby. Getting everything organized and in order before your blessing arrives will help you be ready so you can focus on getting to know your baby after he is born. Hopefully these tips to organize a nursery will help ease your mind and help you enjoy your time a bit better.


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