7 Great Tips For Organizing Your Road Trip

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7 Great Tips For Organizing Your Road Trip

7 Great Tips For Organizing Your Road Trip


It’s time for a road trip but before you can hit the road you have to get all your stuff in order. Getting everything organized and ready for a road trip can be a job, but if you know how to put it all together in an orderly manner, it gets far easier. Once you have your car checked by a mechanic and loaded up with the things you might need in an emergency, you are ready to plan out the nuts and bolts of your road trip. Check out these 7 tips and you will be organizing your road trip like a pro!

Grab a Map and Make a Driving Plan

You might know the destination for your road trip, but if you haven’t been there before you probably don’t know the way. Grab a map and make out a plan for driving. Check to see what is along the way so you can make some worthwhile stops — after all a road trip is all about enjoying the trip. Some might argue that you are supposed to let your road trip go where the wind takes you…if that is true then you best bring along a GPS to keep you at least somewhat informed.

Decide Upon the Length of Time for the Road Trip

How long do you plan to be gone? You can usually do a fun and fabulous road trip over a weekend, or if you’re more adventurous, plan for several days. You really need to decide before you leave how long you plan to be gone. How else will you know just how far away you are going to be able to go? Set up an itinerary of sorts and make sure someone knows what to expect.

Make Arrangements for Pets, Mail, and Your Home

If you have pets and don’t plan to let them road trip with you, you will need to hire a pet sitter or boarding facility. You will also need to have your mail stopped or arrange for a friend or family member to pick up your mail and keep an eye on your home for you while you’re gone. Make sure you have a contact at home to stay in touch with and to let know where you are headed. Road trips can be spontaneous but it is always a good idea to stay in touch with someone.

Bring Snacks and Drinks

If your family is like most, you probably eat a lot during a road trip. Cut down on the expense of buying junk food at gas stations by taking your own snacks and drinks. Load up a cooler full of ice and throw in several bottles of water, juice, even soda. Make a run to the grocery store and stock up on some favorite snacks that are great for car rides. Foods that don’t spoil are a great choice and you can also skip the cooler if you go that route. Either way, food is a big part of organizing your road trip and not one that you want to ignore.

Bring Stuff to Do

Kids get bored during long road trips, so if you are bringing them along, don’t forget some boredom busters. Bring handheld games, coloring books, MP3 players, and other stuff to keep them busy. Fix up a backpack full of stuff to do and load it into the car.

Plan to Make Stops

Part of the fun of a road trip is seeing what’s along the way. Plan to make plenty of stops as you drive. Have your fellow road trippers watch for signs along the road that indicate worthwhile stops. There might be historic sites or just cool roadside shops to visit. Make it fun and memorable! This is a big, beautiful world we live in and it is meant to be explored. While you are organizing your road trip it makes sense to build some extra time in for the little things.

Gas Up the Vehicle

Gas up your vehicle the night before you leave. Be sure to allow extra money for gas to your destination and gas to get back home since you never know what kind of great adventures you will find during a road trip.
Use these tips to help you with organizing your road trip so you can actually get on the road and enjoy the trip!
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