5 Powerful Emotional Roadblocks to Eliminating Clutter

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5 Powerful Emotional Roadblocks to Eliminating Clutter

5 Powerful Emotional Roadblocks to Eliminating Clutter

Pretty much everyone at one point in time or another has struggled with clutter. Messes are a part of our daily lives and we spend the majority of our days trying to clean them up. Some messes are physical and some are mental, but they all need addressing or they get worse. Emotions can be a primary cause and factor when it comes to house clutter. What we have experienced in our lives will always manifest in what we do.

That said, you can overcome these roadblocks to eliminating clutter. The key is to figure out what is stopping you. Do any of these 5 emotional roadblocks sound familiar?

Self Abuse

“I am such a dummy.”

“Look at this mess.”

“I will never get this stuff gone and I deserve to live this way.”

“Most people would never get this far behind.”

“Why am I so stupid?”

All of these statements are self abuse in one way or another and they all will do absolutely nothing towards motivating you to change. The vast majority of people with clutter problems are also extremely hard on themselves. This leads them to be frozen with fear and do nothing rather than face the mess in front of them head on.

I will do it….later

Ah yes….the procrastinator. While technically this is not an emotion, it is emotionally based. Putting things off is a very common problem but also one of the easier ones to deal with. Take a baby step and then another. Be careful, however, because this one is often coupled with one of the other emotions listed here.

My Mom thought it was okay

What we experienced when we were kids stays with us. It either becomes an impetus for change or it can overtake us and become our own adult reality. If your Mom or someone in your past was a clutter magnet or hoarder, there is a decent chance that you will have some tendencies towards the same. The important thing is to look at those around you and ask….am I holding on to things that nobody else does? Talk to close and trusted friends and be willing to listen to what they have to say. Professionals are also available if the problem is deeply ingrained.

I am going to use it….someday

This is one of the most powerful ones because it is often true. You might use it someday. That said, you will probably not. What you have not used in a year is probably ready to go to a new home. This requires dedication but you can overcome the urge to hold on to future things. The key is to look at each item individually.


To me this is the most common and difficult of the emotional roadblocks to eliminating clutter. Holding on to items that are close to your heart is tough. We can get caught up in this to the point, however, where we try to hold on to everything and attach memories and emotions to those things. If you feel as though you are doing this, you really should ask for help from a professional to navigate your way. The feelings are totally normal and understandable, but they can be addressed and fixed as well.

What other emotions do you find that gets in the way of eliminating clutter?

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