Contact Paper Craft Ideas: Freezer Update

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Contact Paper Craft Ideas  Freezer Update

Contact Paper Craft Ideas:  Freezer Update

I have been on a big kick lately regarding contact paper craft ideas.  Contact paper is not new but they sure have come a long way with their designs.  I just happened to be shopping at the dollar store the other day and snatched a good deal on a cute contact paper design.  I had no clue what I was going to do with it but I was buying it!

The design turned out to be a bit too busy for a large area.  I brainstormed a bit and decided to give my upright freezer an update.  I hate plain white surfaces.  To me, those are clean palettes just waiting for a cute design.

Contact paper is really easy to apply.  You basically just peel and stick.  When you have a busy design it will take a little bit to match up the design but it’s really easy.

I started applying the cute grey and white design to my freezer but after I put on the first strip of paper I thought it would be way to busy to do the whole thing the same design.  I have other silver and grey appliances in this area so I opted to add a metal type (looks like stainless steel) contact paper that mimics the same theme in my area.  It turned out perfect!  It makes perfectly too!  I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.  What a simple freezer update!

This is the contact paper that looks like metal or stainless steel: Con-Tact Brand Metal FX Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner.   I will warn you though…  this paper is not easy to find.  I’ve only found it once at my local hardware store.  Most of the time I have to order it on Amazon.

This is the other design I used on my freezer: Talisman Pale Grey

I would definitely check out your local dollar store the next time you go to see if they have contact paper.  You may just get lucky!

Here are a few of my other favorite Contact Paper designs:

Rugby Chevron pattern (many different colors)

Polka Dot Pattern (comes in 3 different colors)

Old Pallets or Barn Wood pattern

Chalkboard Liner paper

Wood Grain Contact Paper


Contact Paper Craft Ideas  Freezer UpdateContact Paper Craft Ideas  Freezer Update

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