Table Setting Diagram

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Table Setting Diagram


One word I don’t think I have ever used to describe my home is formal. But with all the festivities coming up in the next few months a Table Setting Diagram will really come in handy. For most of our meals, as long as your dishes and silverware are clean, then we are good to go! So I find it interesting, when we do go out to eat, that my six year old son reminds us of our restaurant manners and shows us where everything is supposed to go. How he knows a proper place setting and I don’t, is a mystery to me. So here are some examples of a Table Setting Diagram to help you through it.

table setting diagram

I wanted to start with a very basic setting that can be used everyday and is an easy one for your kids to learn. If you have kids attending any holiday parties, then they usually have their own table. So why not make them feel all grown up and have their table set nicely too. I LOVE this idea of making a personalized placemat made up so little ones can learn how to do it themselves.

table setting diagramPhoto credit by La Plates

This next one shows separate forks and spoons and even has the bread and butter plate and knife. This one is a little more involved but can still be a great one for your kids to practice. This is what I need to learn!

table setting diagramPhoto credit by Blonde Designs

Now for the adults! If you’re going to add in wine glasses, this will tell you the proper placing. It even includes the dessert wine glass.

table setting diagramPhoto credit by Absolute Write

Okay…now on to the full blown formal Table Setting Diagram! This will really make your table beautiful and is sure to impress all of your guests. It includes a place card, salad and service plate, all of the wine glasses and a cup and saucer for coffee or hot tea.

table setting diagramPhoto credit by Simplified Bee

No matter which Table Setting Diagram you choose, your table will be functional and beautiful. Enjoy the holidays!

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