Ninja’s and an Inexpensive Home Security Options

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Disclosure:  This post has been sponsored by IZON as part of the the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions or fear of ninjas is 100% my own.

Inexpensive Home Security options

Ninja’s and an Inexpensive Home Security Option


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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have been on the hunt for an inexpensive home security option ever since Christmas time.  I couldn’t believe how many of my friends had packages stolen from their front porch.  It was shocking to hear.  Nearly unbelievable.  I, myself, just recently moved to the country.  I feel like I am in the middle of no where.  I am in the middle of no where.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  I really love it.  I hear the sounds of the birds and the cows mooing on a daily basis.

I can’t stop thinking about home security options though.  This troubled me even when I was in a neighborhood and my neighbors were close.  Even more so that I think about it now because if I were to scream, no one would hear me except the cows, birds and deer.  One day I had the Fedex driver drop a box at my door and the loud sound scared me half to death.  He kinda chuckled though because it really wasn’t that loud.  It was just unexpected on my part.

My driveway is very long and my house is hidden from the street amongst a bunch of trees.  Well hidden.  Meaning, if an intruder wanted to come and kill me he could and he would probably get away with it.  Okay, so maybe that’s unlikely but I want to feel secure in my home.  Just as I am sure you want to feel secure or know that your packages won’t get stolen.

I’ve been researching a few security ideas.  I installed a driveway alarm.  It works just like a doorbell.  When a vehicle travels by it, it rings a sound in my house.  This means that before someone gets out of their vehicle I know they are here.  It’s not a motion sensor either because the rabbits would set that off all night long.  It’s detected by metal only.  That works for me during the day and only for someone who drives in a car down my driveway but I can tell you that if someone were to come and kill me they won’t be driving down my driveway with their headlights on to tell me they are here.  I’m imaging some ninja style costume with a butcher knife coming at me.  That driveway alarm won’t handle ninjas.  lol  I’m kinding.  Partly.

This brings me to my next inexpensive home security option and my personal favorite.  It’s the IZON security camera.  It’s a home security camera that streams video right to your phone!  If I hear anything in the middle of the night I can just look over at my phone to see the camera pointed outside.  And yes, it’s got night vision too!  Night vision!!  Yeah, baby!  Go ahead ninja’s,  I dare you!

Ok, in all seriousness this is pretty cool.  Ninja’s may not attack but it sure does give me piece of mind and that’s priceless.  Now I can see things like my teenager at home if she gets home before me.  There have been a few times that my child has made it home 5 minutes before me because I was running late.  Or what about the times you are away on vacation?  You wanted someone to check on the house to make sure it’s still there.  Oh wait!  I almost forgot to tell you about the push notifications!  You can set up noise and motion alerts too.  You can set up video playbacks.  The IZON camera will store up to 100 events for you.  It’s pretty darn cool.  The set up was simple too.  I just plugged it in and downloaded the app.  (which is compatible with iPhone and Android)

inexpensive home security options

There are two different camera types.  The IZON view and the IZON 2.0.  I personally recommend the IZON view because of the night vision.  (You know, you just gotta see those ninja’s coming at you…)

They can even catch the person taking cookies out of the cookie jar! Now that’s funny.

I tried calling a home security company to install cameras around my house and can you believe the bill was going to be about $3000!  Three grand and that price was mainly for the labor to install cameras.  Three grand!  And the guy told me it could be as high as eight grand depending on the set up I wanted. Geez, really?!  That’s a lot of money.  Crazy expensive.  Not even an option for me.  The IZON is the best value solution for DIY home security and self-monitoring.

Now here’s the best part about my job. When I find something I really, truly believe in I get to work with that company to offer a big savings to my audience! That’s you!

Head over here to get exclusive iSave savings off of these IZON cameras! This IZON link already has a discount coupon code attached to it so you just hit the buy button. Easy peasy. I couldn’t talk about these awesome cameras without providing you with some major savings now could I?!

Note:  No subscription fees either!

izon camera options

This could mean no more stolen packages for my friends and no more scary ninja dreams for me.

IZON Camera Giveaway with Five Winners!

Bonus!  I like this camera so much that I am hosting a giveaway!  FIVE lucky readers will win Two IZON 2.0 Cameras (ARV: $79.95 each for a total ARV of $159.90)!!  Who’s feeling lucky?

To enter all you have to do is head over to the IZON website  to view the IZON cameras.  Come back and leave a message telling me why you feel you need this security option and which camera you like the best?  I will randomly choose one winner from the list of comments on this blog post.

Contest ends on February 19th, 2015 at 11:59 pm CST.  US only.

Be sure to support IZON by liking and following them on social media:

Here are some possible options for this camera:

  • Baby monitor
  • Pet monitor
  • Home surveillance monitor
  • Small Business surveillance monitor

Good Luck!

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  1. I like the Izon view! I would love to win this. I am getting ready to move and would love to feel like my family is protected in the new neighborhood. Thank you for this opportunity

  2. My mother in law could really use these cameras. My father in law is a severe and brittle diabetic and had hip surgery in December. Mom is a realtor and works a lot of hours. These cameras would really come in handy for her so she can check in on him and not worry all the time whether or not he’s having a low sugar reaction. If he doesn’t answer the phone when she calls, she calls other people to go over and check on him. She literally worries herself sick sometimes. Thanks for your consideration.

  3. I like the izon view! Looks so compact and easy. Our car was broken into recently and my license stolen (among other things), so I’m paranoid because they know my address now!! Would love you win these cameras!

  4. i have a rare brain disorder called Pseudotumor cerebri that is debilitating at times, leaving me to be in bed. where i live, when the landlord or maintenance man wants to come in, if i can’t get to the door, they let themselves in. I never know who’s coming in the door. i’ve even come out of the shower to find them in my house. i’ve had my belongings gone through, dressers, freezer,etc. with theft of money, food, and a gifted bottle of Patron stolen, and even though i knew who was coming in and stealing, i couldn’t prove it or even when. As of this coming fall, my youngest child will be off to college and i’ll be home alone. Having a device like this, could help me in many ways, especially since my eyesight is failng with intermittent time of blindness. Being disabled and on a very limited income, I’m unable to afford having these and would very much appreciate the opportunity. Thank You for considering my entry. ♥

    ” It takes but one person, for good or bad, to change the world.” Elizabeth W.

  5. Looks like something I’ll be looking at when I move to the big city, it would definitely bring piece of mind! 🙂

  6. This looks like a great system without the hefty fees that an alarm company would charge! Thanks for posting!

  7. This is an amazing product from the design to its functionality. The setup seems simple and easy and it offers you some peace of mind when your away from home. I would like the double pack Izon View because in December of 2013 our home was broken into and they stole 4 tv’s, kids Xbox , WII, all games, computers, and my gym bag with heart rate monitor inside. It is a horrible feeling to come home and know that your home and peace has been violated. My children were traumatized. Although cameras won’t prevent a break-in, they can help in capturing the offenders and give you some peace of mind. It would be a blessing to receive these camera.

  8. Would love a view! My Preteens soon to be teens need constant monitoring 😉 I’m a scaredy cat as well and I’m sure I’d spend quite a bit of time investigating the bumps in the night.

  9. I LOVE the Izon VIEW!!! I am VERY blessed to have a 3 year old grandson and a set of twins(6 months old). I am getting to be an old grandmother. A camera such as this would help me tremendously! My daughter and son in law work full time and I help as much as possible. I would certainly feel more secure at night when he is at work.
    Love the easy set-up!!
    Please help me help them!

    Thanks so much.

  10. I need izon view for to watch my dog and security at home. My wife and I are Deaf. I need this real bad. I will show and tell everyone about izon view :)One thing I suggest you to get set up vibrate on phone instead sound for Deaf people. Thank I hope I win. cross fingers.

  11. I would love to me I have a future and if I can figure out who is leaving the lights on my electric bill is up $180. I also have a rear facing bedroom with no windows to the front of the house so it is quite frustrating never knowing what is going on

  12. izon view is the one i like its got night view which would come in handy for our family as our house was broken into but nothing taken so im weary

  13. I would love this! I leave an 84 year old great grandma (with glaucoma in one eye) at home with my 1 year old daughter. I would love to be able to ensure they are both safe while I am away.

  14. 2015 is a big year for my fiancé and I! We are in the process of buying a house in Canton, Michigan (between Ann Arbor and Detroit), we will be married September 12 and hope to start a family shortly after! The Izon View would be the perfect addition to our lives! We would love to have an affordable security system while we are working, away for our honeymoon and to check on our cats and dogs. When we have a baby I know we would use this as our baby monitor and the night vision would give us peace of mind when we hear something outside or to check on the baby. Please consider my fiancé and I to receive the Izon View! Thank you!!

  15. I like the Izon view. I have a rare bone disease and have a hard time checking on noises in the house if i get up and down to much I usually end up in the hospital. I have had over 30 surgeries due to broken bones and or dislocations. I hate to ask anyone for a handout but these could save me alot of pain.and hopefully keep my hard working wife from sitting at the hospital all of the time. Thank you

  16. I like the iZon camera with night vision. The difference in cost is not that great and this feature would be worth the extra cost.

  17. I live in a semi-rural area on a quiet, dead end street. Though neighbors watch out for each other, the area is heavily wooded, so houses are hard to see, and people work, so there are times when no one is around to keep an eye on things. I’d feel a lot safer with a couple of smart phone accessible security cameras to monitor my house. I like the izon View so I could check on activity & noises at night from the safety of the house.

  18. I need this so bad I just bought one! I am going to use it to monitor my puppies while I am gone from home. I would love to have more to monitor my adult dogs. I am always worried about their safety when I am away.

  19. LOL i commented already but it left a word out. I don’t want you to think it’s a child I’m talking about! What i said was…

    I’d love to win one of these. The View model would be great because of the night vision. If I had one, I could finally see what my little westie gets up to when she’s left alone. I think she invites her friends over to play poker, smoke cigars, and drink my wine!

  20. I’d love to win one of these. The View model would be great because of the night vision. If I had one, I could finally see what my little gets up to when she’s left alone. I think she invites her friends over to play poker, smoke cigars, and drink my wine!

  21. I would love to have one. I go out of town occasionally and would like for my wife and daughter to be able to keep an eye on things when they are alone.

  22. Id love one of those view camera for home security and baby monitoring. They look really awesome. Itd help me feel more secure if we had one of these when we are out. My husband is always worried “did we leave the stove on? Dryer on? ” it drives me bonkers! If i win, u ll save my sanity

  23. I would love to win one of these. I’d feel safer leaving my family alone at home when I am away working at night. I am eager to see how it works as I would purchase others and spread the word to all my family and friends. At this price, it would be extremely worth it.

  24. I would go with the IZON view for the night vision capabilities. There has been bulglaries and vandalism around lately and I have been debating having a security system installed. The IZON option is a lot cheaper and might be enough for us.

  25. I like the Izon view, but would be happy with either of the units. We live in the country also, and even though we have neighbors, we are not close enough to know what is going on at each other’s property. One of our teenage neighbors stole over $1000 worth of inventory from my husband’s business, and after a few months of juvenile detention(not his full sentence), was sent home to roam the area again. We do not feel safe at all in our home now. With our 16 year old daughter alone at home at times and this boy on the streets, these monitors would increase our peace of mind.

  26. WOW, what a wonderful product! This is just what I need and have been looking for. I sure hope I win. This would give me a lot of peace of mind. My husband works shift work and I’m at home with my two little grandsons, alone. Both cameras are awesome, but the night vision is a big/huge plus. We live in a small town and have always felt safe…until lately. Someone has been in our house, they take medication and jewelry and have even taken gas right out of my car! It’s just enough to have me on edge, well, to tell the truth…scared! My youngest grandson is autistic and to trusting. This would be an answer to my prayers. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. This seems to be exactly what I need for my home. I’ve been looking into security systems. But on a fixed income & can’t afford the extra cost. I’m a single mom who has a special needs son. I have to work outside my home & would love to be able to check on my son & his caregivers when I’m at work. Even though I truly trust the caregivers I have in place. It’d just be extra nice to have that extra peace of mind. The night vision would help me out when I have to work at night.

  28. i would love to win these. My husband is a firefighter and I am a working mom. My kids stay home alone and I stay home alone a lot. I would love to be able to see who is at my door before I answer it. We live in the country and it would take responders a good 20 minutes to get to me.

    1. I think the Izon View would be the best to check on elderly family members who want to stay in their homes.. Also if I have this maybe we could of found the person who slashed our tires.. thank you..

  29. i like the view. I’m going to see if I can wire up an outlet by my outside lights at the top of my driveway. Then have one by the front door and one by the back door so I can see when I let the dogs out. What a great solution for a great price. Thanx.

  30. I would love the Izon View, as a single mom of two teenage girls working full time as a server I have a unset schedule except for the days that I go to class (also a full time student). This would give me a piece of mind to know that they are home and behaving. It would also give me the confidence to allow them to babysit for the neighbors.

    Thank you for all that you do in showing us these great products.

  31. I think izon view is perfect for me because of night vision. I would like to use it to monitor outside. We live out in the country.

  32. My favorite camera is for home monitoring, although all the cameras look great. What a great innovation! We need it because my mother is elderly and prone to accidents and other misfortunes. She lives alone in New England in an old house and has been robbed; people have been in the house when she is there and she didn’t even realize it. I live in the Pacific Northwest, where I’m raising a family. She refuses to live with us or others, so it would really make everyone feel better, safer, and more secure if we could keep an eye on her from 3000 miles away — these cameras would definitely help us all out. Thanks for the opportunity! .

  33. I like Izon View because of the night vision. I need something like this because the neighbors in our apartment duplex are not very good people and we worry about them possibly getting into our apartment without us knowing it. With this camera we can view the apartment and call the police if they or anyone else is seen in the apartment. Thank you!

  34. i would love to win this! Not only easy to use, but not as expensive as other home monitoring systems! I am a single mother whose last child left home for college this year! I was never nervous about being alone or coming home to an empty house before, but since he has left, I find myself more and more apprehensive about being alone. Might be partly because I am older now too. Would love to feel more secure and I think this might be the answer!

  35. i would love to win this prize, especially the Izon View with night vision. We live in a rural area and would love the added security these would provide our home. I also think it could used as a useful tool to help in caring for my elderly parents (who don’t always answer their phone and it often leaves us worried something is wrong).

  36. Definitely like the view with night vision… How else would you see who is in the cookie jar at midnight? I would use it all over the house to keep an extra eye on the kids.

  37. This looks very interesting. Would love to win this for my daughter as my grandson is a runner and this would be amazing for her to watch him. She had key deadbolts on all doors. Thank you for the chance and introducing this.

  38. I could use either one. I would rather have the one with night vision. It seems I have someone that comes to my home that has *sticky fingers* and I really need to find out who it is n catch em. THANK YOU FOR THE CHANCE!!!!!!!

  39. This is “IZOD CAMERA” exactly what I need. I’m a widow, and a single mother of 3 kids. My sons 12 my oldest daughter is 11 and my littlest is 3. We recently moved out of town and need something like this!!! I truley value your opinions, and have used a lot of your ideas in our home. So this “IZOD” is super important to me. I’ve had 3 big events living here and have had police tell me that being a single mother in this town makes me look like a sitting duck!! What does that even mean.. One guy tried to break in while the kids and I were home!! Another time some one clipped my house with there car, and police couldn’t locate the car. Said if I had surveiling cameras that would of helped!!! Lastly, my kids Xmas presents were stolen right off my porch, I heard door bell flew out of shower and opened door as that jerk had my box running. The police said its because I’m a woman.. I plan to get one when finances improve.. No matter the outcome I will be buying one and SOON! THANK YOU FOR YOUR IDEAS! I appreciate it!

  40. What an amazing opportunity! This would be an amazing tool towards assisting my son! I realize you are being flooded with comments…so I’ll try to be brief. I have a son with “issues” (since comments are public I will just say that) his counselor has suggested many times we secretly record his behavior for replay to help raise his awareness of actions…seeing is believing and in his case accepting. When he “sees” similar behavior he recognizes it, frowns upon it but doesn’t “see” himself mirroring it. This would help create the awareness he so desperately needs help uncovering. As “reasonable” as the product seems unfortunately it’s just not feasible right now; therefore “winning” would be a blessing!
    I can also see us having fun with it to view the puppy and even his pet lizard. My son would get so much joy and peace in a day if he could check up on his pets through out the day! (Often his teachers tell me his worry for “them” cause a day of lessons to be lost…here he could see, share, be happy and refocus!) I will pray we are selected but please know my gratitude for this opportunity abounds. Good luck to everyone and you…I imagine selecting “winners” will be no easy task.

  41. I would love this one because since I’m Deaf and I got 2 toodlers that I can check during I sleep at night time. It could also benefits me in many ways.

  42. I have family of 4 which my husband and I are deaf. My 2 hearing daughters are in the other room which we can’t hear. I hate waking up in the middle of the night not knowing if they’re safe in their own bedroom. I always go to bed late and always check on them daily before I go to bed. The most part is that our dog stays in the girls room every night; that’s even worse we can not hear her barking at all. My iPad/phone is always on my bedside. If I ever win to get the izon 2.0, I will have a peacefully evening and knowing that my daughters are safe; will check on them while looking through my iPad/phone without getting up and check on them. With Izon 2.0, this would help me and my husband knowing that girls are in a good hands.

  43. I love the IZon view. I live with my daughter and she has 2 little boys. Her house has doors leading outside in almost every room (all the bedrooms have them) . She has tried setting up cameras to keep a eye on things but no success. We live out in the country and peace of mind with the izon would be great. I’m not in the best of health but help her as much as possible. I truly hope you consider us to win a set. Thank you as I know who ever wins will be truly deserving.

  44. I need this so we can monitor our entryway. I like the Playback feature since the camera will start recording when motion is detected, this could help us have better security for our house.

  45. I’m deaf and can’t hear people walk in while I sleep and had been robbery several times and it’s so wonderful to have your isavea2z

  46. Reason, I have problem from my future mother in law have Alzheimer’s she keep forget to close front door and I start worried because never know she can walk out of the door or happen to her fall down need some help and I keep check on her in and out of rooms so often I need less worried to check her thank u! Also Izon will help me lot time less worried! Thank u for read it.

  47. i would love to have one of them, because I am deaf, it is hard to know that the house is safe especially with 4 kids two are deaf. the camera would help me to know my house is safe and can keep an eye on them in different room while i am cooking supper or cleaning something else. It is hard for me just to drop and stop what i am doing and check on kids everytime. Big responsibility, yes I agree, but that would be alot helpful for me If i had one of these.. thank you!

  48. I love the izon view. I feel this will benefit me a lot because I live in NYC and often my dog is nervous with the noises happening around here. There are times when she gets really nervous and tried to escape by scratching and biting my door. I feel so helpless not knowing when this happens at home. By having izon view I believe this can help me to keep an eye at my home and my dog.

  49. Am 80 years of age, and my neighborhood has been having problems with breakins even in the daytime. Love the I-View..;.;thanks for the info on both systems

  50. I would be grateful for either camera. I recently moved into a small apartment in a new town and I’ve noticed items missing (e.g. food, bath tissue, laundry soap, etc). I was told that the only other person with access to the apartments are the ‘on-site’ property manager and the owner. There are many times when no one will be at home during the day throughout the week except my next door neighbor and the property manager. The owner has other properties to maintain and only comes by once a week usually. The door plate covering the doorknob was jimmied. Someone had obviously came into the apartment without use of a key. The owner finally installed (at my cost) a deadbolt on the front door. He said it wouldn’t be necessary on the back door because there is a slide lock there.

    Anyway, longer story short, I cannot get out of the lease nor can I afford to live elsewhere due to student loan debt. I would be so grateful should you choose me as one of the recipients!

  51. I like the Izon View. Since moving into our new house three years, I can think of several incidents when I wished I had a camera! We have a window seat that looks out into our yard, and it would work perfectly there.

    We had a certain electric company send a tree service out and they ended up smashing our driveway with their chipper and then claimed they didn’t. I would have LOVED to have had this camera peering out into my yard!

    Every so often, mail carriers will deliver my packages to the wrong house. One of these cameras would let me know exactly who received my mail.

    And then there is the peace of my mind. I can better watch my daughter while she is playing outside. This is something I always worry about not matter how nice of a neighborhood we live in.

    I could literally go on and on. I can see a lot of potential with one of these cameras!

  52. I would use this security system in my apartment. If I’m in bedroom I can’t see or hear anything in front room where door is.

  53. Being a victim of what I would call “delivery theft” a small dependable unit like this would be a godsend to have. On several occasions parcels have been stolen from my front porch. Although random I have not been able to witness the thefts nor have my neighbors. An izon would hopefully provide the proof I need to give to local law enforcement to stop this nonsense and give myself and neighbors peace of mind. Having dogs as well, I could envision the izon to provide a way to monitor our oldest boxer who has hip displaysia and sometimes cannot get back on his feet if he slips on the linoleum floor.

  54. I would love to have this camera. I am a older, single woman that lives alone. This camera would give me peace of mind.

  55. on a side note: love your blog so much!

    I would love this for my daughter. I work late at times and she gets home before I do. It always makes me so nervous due to a few homes that were broke into recently in my neighborhood. I worry about her walk to the house from the bus stop! I’m a single Mom and I worry. I’m normally only a few minutes to 15 behind her but I’d rather stop speeding home and getting tickets because I don’t know if she’s gotten in the house yet!

  56. I love high tech gadgets, especially ones with a great purpose! The design is sleek and uncomplicated and the features like the night vision on the IZON, how great is THAT! We’ve had a few parcels stolen from our porch which can really put a damper on my at-home business. That would be my number one place to put my IZON! With the craziness of things going on these days, that security would be more than welcome in my home.

  57. The pet camera would be awesome. We have just started fostering a pup and it would be great to know what is happening while we are away.

  58. It’s a wonderful item. I’m a mother of 3 so it would be great to see and make sure the my kids are home safely. I like Izon View because you have the option of night vision.


  59. How great would this be to have, and to win would be awesome. Love to keep an eye on my home when away. Son and his grandma are there a lot while I am working-this would be piece of mind both are safe. iZon view would be perfect to have the night vision, I hear noises in the night and would definately ease worry being able to see what it is from the inside-not going out. I’m too chicken!

  60. I would love to have the izon view camera from my home, reason is I am a single mother of 4 children, and would make me feel more secure and knowing when my kids get home from school since most of the time I’am away at work and at least a 30 min drive to my home, and feel more secure knowing who’s stepping foot on my property!

  61. I love both cameras, but the night vision feature would be an added plus. I NEED these because watching my puppy right now is a must and I would love to leave the house with the ability to watch while not physically present. What a great product!

  62. I would love to have the night vision camera. I am a single woman who works 2 jobs and coming home at night at all hours. I live on a very dead end road with very few neighbors so this would give me peace of mind coming home and leaving home.

  63. I love both the izon 2.0 and the izon view. I really love that the izon view has night vision! I like the features of Noise & Motion Alerts, Secure Real-time Video that is is App Controlled and it has
    FREE Cloud Video Recording! As a mother of 4 boys 2 which have special needs this would be an amazing little helper to keep track of the kids and I could use it as a baby monitor when I have my grandbaby!

  64. As a law enforcement family I’d love to have the easy and security to have a system like this! We can use it to keep an eye on the pets, kids, baby sitters and the house when we’re out of town! I’m SOLD! We would love to win this contest! I think that the View would be best for us 🙂

  65. These are absolutely amazing for the price as we’ve looked into security too and it’s outrageous, not to mention the ongoing cost each month. I would love the Izon View for many reasons. It’s hard to say what the most important reason is, they are all important to us, but a real biggee is that we visit my mother-in-law regularly (every weekend really) and that leaves my teenager home alone for a couple days since she recently got a job. It makes me more than just a little nervous her coming home from work after dark alone and into an empty house. This would truly ease my mind and not rely on the constant texts and calls of “I’m heading home”, “I’m home”, “All is well” that I’ve required of her. On top of that, we lost our home to a fire a few years ago, so the fear of this happening is real once you’ve experienced it. Being able to monitor your home when away from home is priceless! And I can’t forget the dog, the other child in the house. We feel horrible leaving him for several hours or more, it would be nice to see that he’s truly not missing us as much as we want to believe he is and he’s content lying around by himself for once, nobody bothering him. I could definitely see this as a benefit beyond benefit several years down the road as my parents age because we live so far from them and as for my mother-in-law, during those times we aren’t able to be with her. Thank you so much for posting this and bringing this to my attention. I’m thrilled at the thought.

  66. Hi, I would love this as I am a childminder and would help me keep an eye on any children sleeping in the other room. I also have my step sister living with us now who is disabled with learning difficulties. This would save me running up and down stairs all day checking on her, and keeping an eye on her through the night if I hear her moving about.

  67. I could really use the Izon view with the night vision . I have 6 children and one of them with Autism. He is 14 and has really had a rough time with dealing with teenage hormones and the autism and was also diagnosed with explosive outburst behavior this past summer. The Izon view camera would give me the extra set of eyes i need for all my children especially my autistic son. During these explosive episodes there is no fear so harm does come as a result. It would help tremendous in his therapy to capture these episodes as i am unable to do so for the safety of myself.My husband travels for work leaving me with his help only saturday and sunday .These episodes happen throughout the night as well. Thank you and be blessed

  68. I soooo need these! The izon with night vision would be perfect to set on my patio to monitor who let’s their dog poop on my lawn and leaves it there! Maybe not a big problem to some, But when you ask some people nicely to not use your lawn and they do it anyway and not pick up, then you’re stuck with 6 to 7 poops a week under your patio it gets kinda gross. I cannot enjoy my lawn and would love to just target those who don’t pick up. Because a lot of people do pick up and I don’t need to remind them. So it would be lovel! to have these cute iron cameras. I love the swivel idea too!

  69. I would love the one with night vision. We have a swimming pool and even though it has a fence around it, I would have peace of mind knowing I could view it and be alerted of anyone or anything around it.

  70. I would love an Izon View camera as someone stole my partners bank details a few times and i would love to have it to set it up to catch the thief

  71. desperately need this. my sis in law lives with us and snoops in our room every chance she gets and i have come missing alot of stuff including much needed prescription medication. need to catch her red handed

  72. I’d love an Izon or 2.. we just had some new people move into the area and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  73. living in a big city there are a lot of reasons I’d love this camera system-relating to kid-safety. Night vision is cool but the 2.0 would work for me just fine! 🙂

  74. This camera is so awesome! It would be great to have such a small portable camera! Vacations, sleepovers at my inlaws, and even everywhere in the house will be easier than ever to keep a close eye on my two little ones. I would love to have one and also gift one!
    This camera would be a great baby shower gift too!

  75. I like the IZON View too and I need something like this so that I’d feel more confident and at ease about the security of our home.

  76. Wow to be able to watch the house from work on an app..very cool! we could watch the pets interacting during the day. that would be cool. i just saw one model has night vision! I love the price too. this is just what we were looking for. also thanx for the coupon code clicking on the link.

  77. This sounds absolutely amazing!!! We have discussed getting an alarm system but have shied away because of the high costs. Despite having (small) dogs our home has been broken into…twice. Our neighbors are close by but no one seems to talk in our neighborhood. They are very unsocial, keep to themselves and ignore everything around them. Its amazing when a house is broken into in the middle of the day-no one sees ANYTHING. I like the idea of checking in on my “guard dogs” while I am at work and taking a look when we are out of town! What a great product! I love the idea of night vision too!!

    1. Nathan, I did a lot of research when choosing my driveway alarm. I learned there are two different kinds. One will track motion and the other will track by Electromagnetic sensor (only tracks metal). I have lots of wildlife on the property and motion would be a nightmare for me. I opted for this one because of ratings and need:

  78. I would love this. My roommate blames my dog for stuff that’s been happening when we’re away, but I have a suspicion that his dog is actually the culprit. I know he won’t believe me unless he sees it on video.

    I know I would also love to have these for at the barn to watch the horses.

  79. I would LOVE to have the Izon View with night vision. We have had several things stolen off our front porch in the middle of the night and this could catch the thieves. The last thing that was stolen was 2 of the large 12 volt riding toys (worth over $300.00 each). They were sitting on our porch with a porch railing around it, out of view and someone came upon the porch and carried them both down and took off with them. My grandkids were extremely upset and so was I because I paid for them.

  80. To own one or two of these cameras would be an amazing tool for peace of mind with my mom. Although she only lives a few miles down the road, I worry about her safety. I cannot be there all the time, but this way I could still feel connected if something were to happen.

  81. I would live to wow one of these. My husband’s job keeps him away alot at night which leaves me at home alone and this would give me peace of mind. Our landlord is also a shady person and we have been told that she alot of times will send people over to her properties and have them enter to make sure that the lease is jot being broken but extra people or whatever living there

  82. I can’t believe the ease yet high efficiency of these cameras! So cool I never thought I could afford home security but this is so reasonable! Peace of mind for everyone!

  83. I would love the izon view night vision. My next-door-neighbor’s house has been broken into twice. She came home and found people in her house the second time! That terrifies me. She was so lucky that they didn’t attack her and just ran away. I have a young child in the home and this would give me peace of mind to know what is happening in my home when I’m away-so that I don’t walk in on intruders like my neighbor did.

  84. Not wanting to look like an overprotective mom I would put these cameras and my kids play area. That way when friends are over I do not need to hover in the room with them but can watch from a distance. I will still look like the cool mom but Know they are safe.

  85. I would love to have this so I can keep an eye on my mom she has COPD an on O2 all the time .she fell a few days ago her arm was hurt real bad thank god nothing was broken this time last time she broke her hand in 2 places. I have to leave her about an hour an a half to pick up my grandkids from school till my daughter gets home. I feel like all the time I’m only one person an this world help watch mom to .(peace of mind )

  86. I have been looking for a home security system for a while now, but havent wanted to pay the high install fees, or the monthly monitoring. My daughter homeschools amd she has been begging me to get a system sp that she feels more secure while being home. I. going to, just have not found a system that meets all of my wants, until it looks as though now!!!

  87. hi
    the izon view , would help me monitor the house and give security to my kids when we are not at home to help them feel secure. a great idea and an amazing product

  88. This product would be great for me to see my latchkey kid get home safely and give me some peace of mind when I don’t want to go back downstairs to check on a “noise” I thought I heard.

  89. I always worry when I leave my dogs alone, having lost one to a brown snake bite. If I had been able to check on her with and Izon maybe I could have been home sooner and saved her. It would be great to have that peace of mind.

  90. I would love the Izon view so that I could have security for my house and my 20 month old son. There have been some break ins in our neighborhood recently and I would love to have some piece of mind. Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. I would love to have the Izon camera’s to monitor my home. My neighbor has been broken in on and I need a camera to monitor my home. I work 2nd shift and would love to monitor my furbaby while I am away, just to make sure she is alright
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  92. I love this product, we have been looking for a good security system ever since we were robbed. We have gotten a new dog since then as well. This would be perfect to check in on the house whiel at work and also see what the dog does while I am at work. To boot I am handicap and I could see who is at my door before going all way into living room. I would pick the izon view option.

  93. Well, I’ve been telling my children from birth that Moms have eyes in the back of their heads (as was told to me by my mother). Well, now that they are getting older, they are beginning to question whether or not that statement is true. I believe that in order for that statement to remain true for all current moms, and future moms out there, that I should be able to prove the statement true by owning this amazing camera system! 🙂 Also, it would be a great tool that I would not otherwise be able to afford that could help keep my family safe. The females in this family have had some “bad experiences” and a tool like this could really improve the feeling of security in such a scary world.

  94. Izon view is great!! Having 4 kids at home, living in the country and my husband working hours away from home, this would give me peace of mind knowing everyones okay when I need to run into town 20+ minutes away.

  95. How absolutely amazing would this be for the piece of mind! Have had several friends I know whose homes have been broken into. The Izon with night vision could save me from the countless nights of no sleep and the migraines from lack of sleep would be invaluable for my health and sanity.

  96. I love your blog. These cameras look amazing they are both really useful obviously the night camera is cool but we leave on a night light so it should be ok with the more basic model. We have a 2 floor home with 2 crazy crazy boys, so when they are playing in there room upstair my wife can keep an eye on them. Also I like the in the cloud video storage as there are always those precious moments just as you kid is going to sleep and they start to do something new. In addition thus would be great as I travel for work so I can see my kids and my wife doesn’t feel alone.

  97. This would be a great item for my father and mother in law to keep an eye on them one has Alzheimer’s and the other in a wheel chair, we live right next door and sometimes there alone for a short time.this would really help so we can get things done at home and keep an eye on them.

  98. I am SOOO glad I found your blog! As a single mother of two boys (15 and 10) I am constantly concerned when I am not at home w them. I to have been searching for options for home security and in the meantime biting my nails completely off Andy hair completely out <– this is no joke! These izon Cameras are the "perfect" solution to my headache! PERFECT! This would also be such an amazing win for us right now as I have been struggling for sometime now having been laid off of work and having a heck of a time finding work right now. My budget is extremely limited but boy would this take away some of my panic while out looking when the boys are home alone. Thanks for this great opportunity and even more thanks for making us all aware of these Cameras! I think I'd be okay without the night vision Camera and the 2.0 would be perfect for me right now.
    Thank again,

  99. I love that this is a security system for on the go people and is compatible with both android and iphones as we have both in our home. Taking security and peace of mind with me when I travel or go to work each day would be amazing!

  100. I love the Izon view camera because of the night vision feature!! I love how you can hear noise and playback with these cameras not like others that I’ve had before. Other security cameras that I’ve used cannot do those things. I had to get some because of a crazy neighbor but know that I’ve moved, they have broken into my house twice. I am a single parent and would really love to have one of these since these security cameras are very easy to install and are very practical to use with a cell phone!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

  101. I would love to win because I can use this to make sure that there is no stranger inside the house before I come in. This would make sure that I know where my child is at all time. I would like the Home surveillance monitor.

  102. wow I like these little boogers. They are not bulky and they kinda look like a small computer speakers. I sure would love these in my house that looking to buy. If I don’t win them I hope someone who really needs them get them . Also love your post!!!

  103. my ninjas are 15 months and 4 years old, they are very scary ninjas the need to be watched at all times, I love the night vision 1, they are sneaky ninjas at night and day

  104. I would love the Izon view security camera. We have one camera from a different company and my son had to set it up for us. I would love a security camera system that I could easily set up. These cameras look awesome.

  105. I am a single mom of 3 kids living on a 40 acre farm surrounded by lots of open land. I have a large yellow lab but I am still nervous living here not knowing what the ‘bump in the night is.’ It would be really comforting to have cameras that could tell me if the entrances are secure and that everything is ok! These cameras look amazing!

  106. I would use the Izon view for watching the outside of our house. We were robbed 5 years ago and this would give us more security. The 2.0 would be great to watch our dog, that we got after the break in when we are at work. Awesome product!!

  107. I would like to win one of these cameras so that I would be able to monitor my home and know when my family members come home safe and are safe by keeping an eye on them when I’m not home it would really be reassuring knowin my family is kept safe even if I went on vacation. If I ever to win I would like the camera with night vision as it would also be able to help me lookout for the sleep walkers in my house 🙂 thanks again!

  108. I have wanted a security camera for so long because I work nights and need to make sure my house is ok. Either camera works for me, thank you.

  109. I would love the night vision camera. It would definitely help with easing mine n my kids minds since its just us 3.

  110. I really like the IZON VIEW! I love everything about it! My favorite feature is the 100 stored playbacks. I have had problems with young adults that I take care of. From damage in my home to my dog convulsing. Of course these things are never done in front of me….the Izon View would give me peace of mind … and proof of any foul play. My Yorkie would love me for it!

  111. I would love to have a few of these. I have a beautiful new granddaughter and would love to be able to have eyes on her at all times. She is the greatest blessing in our lives

  112. I like the Izon View camera, because it has night vision! I would like the camera to help protect my home and family, oh and I can’t forget my packages too!! This would be a nice piece of mind equipment! Me and my husband are always in and out of the house, and sometimes my older son stays home so even this would be great to check up on him, lol I know he isn’t little anymore, but we never stop worrying about our kids!

  113. This is exactly what I need to keep an eye on my 11 y/o son as I start to allow him to be home alone for short periods! And my Dennis the Menace 4y/o toddler 😉

  114. Izon view all the way! We have been talking about getting a nanny cam. We have two young children and would rest easier when we went out if we could see how the sitter was with the children. As it is, we only go out without the children once every couple months or so. We definitely need more one on one time but are two over protective of our kids.

  115. I would love to have this for peace of mind as my husband travels to Canada routinely for business and to keep up with my two girls who homeschool during the day. I’d love for them to know that I can check up on them from upstairs or from work.

  116. i would love to win a izon view and no that my kids and home are that bit more secure and safe . it would give a lot more peace of mind .
    think its a brilliant camera so heres hoping for a win …

  117. WOW..I love it!! I live alone,and am a older woman. This by far would make me feel so much safer. A dog is good..but this is like having a pack of them to protect me. Thanks for the chance to own one.

  118. And so our home was broken into this past Saturday. It is clear that they were watching the house, as it happened after my husband and kids left to go to a movie at noon. The police are certain that the crooks were interrupted by my loved ones returning, as they left a lot. They were using OUR luggage to load up! I can only give thanks that no harm came to anyone, including our great dane and boxer that were in the backyard and could not get in. They ransacked the entire house, emptying every drawer in every room. Now my 10yr old has a hard time sleeping. Will they come back to finish the job?
    This Momma Bear wants to be prepared.
    The Zion View would help.

  119. I so, so need this. Behind my home is pitch black woods. My outside dogs bark, bark at night. We have had break-in’s around me and I can’t see what, where or who is out there. Even the brightest flashlight will not light it up enough and I can’t afford installing the outside flood lights. This would be perfect and keep me safe. I won’t have to go outside with a flashlight and face who knows what.

  120. I would love the izon view for the night vision feature! This would come in handy for my long driveway to see who is coming and going. I would love to have one on my porch so I could check for packages while I’m away from home. Or to see the safe coming and going of my family members. The mounting system seems simple and I would be incredibly excited to download the app to access from my phone throughout the day!

  121. IZON view. This is perfect for what we need right now. We recently moved to a new state and are renting. I would love the security to protect my 3 littles.

  122. I would love to have the Izon camera’s to monitor my home. My neighbor has been broken in on and I need a camera to monitor my home. We live in a wooded area so really need something bad.

  123. I was robbed several times and without proof they couldn’t arrest anyone. I’d love to have the peace of mind to know that my home is secure and that when I come in at night I’m not going to walk I on a robber. Thanks for the opportunity to win these.

  124. Very affordable! Love the convenience and easy setup. A year ago the week before Christmas our vehicles were ransacked. I would have loved to have this set up. It would have been a pleasure to catch them!

  125. I love the feature of noise and motion alerts. I get kinda freaked out when the hubby is away overnight. So also would appreciate the night vision.

  126. I would love to have this system for my son and his Yorkie who is left alone most days on his own. I’d like to be able to check in on him now and then…my son works very hard, 6-7 days a week and this would give him, and of course, us, some peace of mind. This is the kind of product I would love to own for him.

  127. I would use it for the peace of mind since I live alone with my daughter. Whenmy daughter comes home, I can make sure she enters the apartment alive and that she is safe. I can’t afford a big security system since I’m a single mom but this would let me sleep a little easier at night. This is what I would use it for.

  128. I really love the Izon view, it will give my husbsnd and I peace of mind to be able to watch our kids dogs and house while we are away.

  129. My oldest child is starting to learn to stay home alone for short periods of time. This would be great to be able to help her out. I would love the Izon View for the night vision!

  130. My husband leaves each Monday (for work) and comes home on Friday evenings.
    An Izon device would help me feel more secure. I ALWAYS have my iPhone on the nightstand beside me.
    Along with my phone I keep my car remote next to the phone as well so just in case there is an intruder I can push the panic button. Those car horns are really loud and would hopefully scare the ninjas off.

  131. I would love to win this. We recently moved into a duplex and it’s hard to see outside, to see who’s ringing the doorbell or to see who’s in our driveway. This would help immensely for security reasons also because recently several of my neighbors were burglarized. Again, I would love to have it. Thanks!

  132. I would live the Izon view. I was robbed once and never found the people who did it. I don’t have much but I work hard gor everything I own.

  133. I have 2 small children at home and would like to be able to see what goes on at my house with their dad, while I am away.

  134. i would love to have these for home security while my husband is gone and when we’re at work. I would also love to be able to monitor my puppy dog while I’m away or at work!!! Those are awesome!!

  135. I would love the IZON view. Unfortunately, times are changing and no matter where you live houses are being broken into. I think this would help me feel more secure in my home.

  136. I love this idea, and would definitely love to own this product. After leaving an abusive relationship where I was frequently followed and feeling unsafe, I would use this for personal peace of mind. Thank you

  137. I have a home based business and my college age son has friends in and out. Some of them I don’t trust. I would be nice to see who is coming and going when I’m not around.

  138. My husband and I would appreciate being able to check in on both our kids, 3 pets, and our home when we are away. Plus, having the option of night surveillance just brings a piece of mind. We would love the IZON Camera with night vision.

  139. Would love to win The Izon to keep any eye on our dogs, our house and our teenagers! Love the look of it, very modern looking.

  140. I would love to have a set of these camera’s for inside my home ,I have home security for the outdoors but feel I need these for inside my home my health is declining and my husband would be able to check in on me we have checked on other indoor monitors this is a great price.

  141. I love the izon view because it has night vision. I would like a security camera because there were recent robberies on the next street over. Scary. Thanks for the generous giveaway. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  142. What an amazing camera. I love the night vision version. We have a number of animals that roam our yard and it would be great to see nature at night!

  143. I would love the IZON view because of the night vision. I would like to keep an eye on what my dog is up to when I am not home , as well as be able to keep on eye on my 13yr old when she gets home from school to make sure everything is okay and to give me piece of mind. This security camera is amazing and would be great to just check on your home when you are out of town,etc.

  144. I am required to work nights two weeks every month. I would feel so much better knowing my family had this level of security. This is a security feature that I never thought I could afford.

    Regardless of winning these, I will be buying at least 1, perhaps 2 for my home.

    1. I am required to work nights two weeks every month. I would feel so much better knowing my family had this level of security. This is a security feature that I never thought I could afford. The izon view would be my choice, due to its night vision capabilities.

      Regardless of winning these, I will be buying at least 1, perhaps 2 for my home.

  145. I soo need this! I have 3 kids (7 year old girl, 3 year old boy and a 14 month old little girl. My youngest has just started to climb onto the couch and chairs in my living room. Which makes it extremely hard to get anything done in the house. The living room is secured for her, but with windows, tv, tables, etc I’m worried about her with the climbing. Our washer and dryer are located in the garage downstairs so even those couple minutes I need to watch her! Please pick me!

  146. I would to have the izon 2.0 it would be perfect for my one year old. His room is up stairs and ours is down stairs it would make it so much easier to keep an eye on him and also well we are doing yard work and he is napping.

  147. I would love this camera to watch my front yard garden especially the super sweet tomatoes. Thank you for sharing, love the night vision camera so I can watch that pesky raccoon…

  148. I would love to have the Izon view to keep and eye on my dog at night while I’m at work. Also as a single lady living alone, it would give added peace of mind with the night vision.

  149. This is amazing!

    I could really use this to watch my children while I’m on the way home because they are always blaming each other and I never know who did what but, with this I could punish the correct child and not both.

  150. I love the ease of setup. Others are SO much more complicated. I would love to use the system to keep an eye on my kids when they are in their room or the play space I made for them in the basement so I can keep a better eye on them.

  151. Possibilities are endless, but being able to check on the Kiddos A+!!!!!! Love, love, love, this great invention!!!

  152. i am 81 years old and a camera for security would be so wonderful to give me peace of mind.
    The second camera I would share with my granddaughter for her little four month baby girl . She works and would be so wonderful if she could view her from work giving her a secure feeling knowing all was well. L
    After viewing and reading about the Izon I feel that it is the one we defiantly need. Thank you .

  153. Izon view because it has night vision. I would love to be able to watch my one year old while I’m trying to the chorea done around the house

  154. I love the IZONtimes are changing and the neighborhood is no longer safe. My neighbor next door had to fight off a home intruder, and 2 “Con Ed” men tried to open our door. Home security and peace of mind go a long way, specially when my 87 year old mom is on first floor.

  155. I love these! It would be great to check on my pets during the day and yo make sure my housemates aren’t entering my room when I leave. Things always seem to magically go missing and I’m sick of feeling like I’m losing my mind. Thank you 🙂

  156. Would love to win the izon to better watch over my soon to be latch key son and dog while I am in travsit from the office.

  157. Wow, so simple. We have several dogs, one of-which is 17 years old. Would be great to be able to check on them while at work or when away when someone else is taking care of them to make sure they are ok.

  158. I would love to win these. It would be handy to use as a baby monitor especially if I have a babysitter for the night. The other one would be keeping an eye on our dog as people have been trying to steal him. There has also been a lot of dog baiting in my neighbourhood 🙁

  159. I would love to see when my son comes home from school when I am at work, and I would so love to see what my three dogs do during the day when they are home alone. I love the Izon with nightvision. Great idea!

  160. IZON view would provide me with a huge piece of mind! There is a small gap between my children getting off the bus and my husband getting home. I would be able to see them come in and know that they are safely inside! They call as soon as they get home but actually seeing they are OK and alone would make me feel so much better. My husband also works out of the garage and knowing his tools are safe inside would help him sleep at night!

  161. Indiscretions from my husband have led to alot of betrayal & mistrust. He is in counseling but this assurance would help in building trust all over again.

  162. My in laws were robbed last year and since then we have been looking for something easy to setup. This looks perfect. I also think the View would be good to monitor the neighborhood ninjas!

  163. The IZON 2.0 is perfect for my needs! It would be helpful for use in my newborns nursery, to keep an eye on him while he’s upstairs and I do housework downstairs. Also, while traveling it would be great to have in order to keep an eye on our pup!

  164. I love this♡. I prefer the first original Izon because it has night vision. Although either one would be a great gift. I would use it to keep an extra eye on my home at night. Also would use when slightly autistic grandson is over for peace of mind. He is not bad or troublesome, just like the extra eye say if I’m cooking in kitchen and he is eelsewhere in home.

  165. I like the Izon View because of the night vision. There are times I need to leave my dog at home and it’s a great way to see her.. Another is the noise and motion sensor and the reason because there have been thieves who have been stealing from my neighbors.

  166. I would love to have this! I have a type 1 diabetic daughter and feel like I cant leave her sometimes for fear of her getting low blood sugar and pass I out.. If we wanted to go out, I know I could see her and know she was ok. Or in the middle of the night I could check her in her room instead of going in aand waking her.. its just an awesome product!!

  167. Would love to win the Izon view for my son and Daughter- in- law they are expecting their first child and this would give them piece of mind that their child is ok. Love the the night vision.

  168. I would love the IZON VIEW, we have had a few problems with things happening and I would really like to know who is doing these things.

  169. This is an awesome giveaway!! I an interested in the Izon View 2.0 for the night vision. I think at first I would use it as our baby monitor as we have a 6 mo old about to transition to her own room, then it would be a home surveillance. We currently have two cameras with a monitor for this but it lacks in so many ways. My husband had hoped it would give me peace of mind but it is not. I love that I could get updates via my phone and view from there, that’s huge for me! Thanks for the review and contest!

  170. love the izon view cannot decide the 2.0 is great too tks for the chance our home has been broken into and this would add a lot of relief and let us breath a bit easier

  171. My boyfriend an I take care of his 91 year old father who has Alzheimer’s..we sure could use the xtra pair of eye’s…..need I say more….THANK YOU….KATHERINE PIERSOL…

  172. There has been a lot of random theft and vandalism around my new place and I would love to get one of these to keep an eye in front of my house/doorway to see what is going on and get the hoodlums caught so we can keep my neighborhood safe for the families living around.

  173. Hello, I’m a mom of both an elementary & high school aged kids. They come home at different times of the day mostly on their own. I also have a 9 yr old pug that roams that house when nobody is home. As a working parent, this would surely give me peace of mind to know my kids are home safe, and to actually check on them feels even mentally better. Looking at both cameras, I like the one that has the night vision since I’m scared of the dark and this is the answer! Thank you.

  174. I would love to win one. We have had our residency broke into three times now. We would love to be able to afford a security system but they are so expensive. I am a single mom of a 13 month old

  175. Wow, the izon view is just what I need.. I could use it in my office, as massage therapist with a small business I could use this to alert me when clients come in to the office.. and can watch to see if I need to interrupt the massage to go deal with them.. the night vision leads to extra security for breakins.. I can also see using this at home to keep an eye on my young boys as a baby monitor… I would love to win this product!!

  176. I like the Izon View also due to the night vision. I live in a apartment building and work a lot in the evenings till late. As a single mother, I would love to have a peace of mind that I can check on my apartment and make sure my teenager, pets, and belongings are safe. Also my daughter can check through her phone to make sure she is walking into her safe environment.

  177. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! All the features, no fees, motion activation, put it anywhere. Love, Love, love it! I would use the Izon View for a home monitor because my husband travels a lot and I get paranoid and I would also use it as a baby monitor because it’s always nice to check without disturbing the little ones.

  178. izon view would help me . I work 3rd shift we have a lot of break in around my neighborhood . I have fur babies i could keep an eye on also !

  179. We would love to have something like these to watch our home when we are gone. Just having that piece of mind when having packages delivered, checking on the dogs while at work & even at night to see outside without opening a door. Liz

  180. What a neat idea! I would use these for my kids’s rooms. I have two little ones, and there is always a comfort in know what your little ones are up too, or that they are sleeping soundly. Because of that, I think the perfect camera would be the IZON view camera because of the night time view. However, both versions are awesome and would be an amazing asset!

  181. I need the night vision camera. I love that technology has come this far that I would have the option to control it through my phone. I have recently had some break into my car and my house. This unfortunate incident made me soo scared to be in my own house that moved, so this would be amazing to have .

  182. I have a 20 yrs old son. He lives in basement and i live on the top floor. I would love to have one of the Izon security cameras to know who comes and goes in my house. At night and during the day when i am at work. I want t feel safe and secure and i do not want any grand babies right now !!!

  183. I like both cameras actually!! The night vision would be a nice addition but I am wanting a camera to see what my son is up to inside the house after school while I am still at work. I have been living through some teenage rebellion issues lately in my home and this would be a great addition to this sneaky mom’s arsenal!

  184. I need these because I don’t live on the safest street in my city and thieves take advantage of trying to get into our garage and vehicles if we aren’t home or while we are asleep. They even leave footprints in the snow! They don’t care and they never get caught. I’ve tried the deer cameras and they don’t work that well. I definitely need this!

  185. Hello, I think I should win the izon camera since I am moving to my new home and I dont have great confidence in how is the new neighborhood and closing costs of the house did not leave to much money for increase security in my home.

  186. I like the IZON view. I live on 5 acres,My neighbors are pretty far away and i’m also hidden by trees.My Husband is out of town alot,This would give me a sense of security while he’s away.

  187. I would like the Izon View because thieves have been stealing packages off of my neighbors’ doorsteps, and I want to be able to keep a look out for my packages. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  188. I need it because I don’t get to go visit my parents too often and I want to have this at their house so we can make sure that the people that come in are expected and wanted!

  189. I like the IZON View because it has the options that I need. I have a special needs daughter who loves to open the doors and will take off if I don’t hear her messing with the dead bolt! She has even figured out the chain. This would help out a great deal since I would have the alert sent to my phone if she were to open the door. Like you we looked into having cameras installed (we rent so alarm wasn’t an option) and the price for them was crazy!

  190. My parents have 4 of these an I love them ! They can b put anywhere an used for anything! my dad was one he uses for a trail cam its so mucc fun to watch. One in his workshop, one in the great room. the other is for just in case. I’m going to wait an HOPE I WIN. Before I get mine!

    1. O I feel I need these is because I live on many acers an haven eyes outside an inside. Will really help keep me safe. when I’m home an away.

  191. I already have a security system but I don’t have a camera with internet functions. This would be so handy when friends come over with their kids and they are in the basement playing or watching movies or video games. As a parent I can watch from upstairs or anywhere yet not be in the way of their fun. Gives us all peace of mind.

  192. Live to have one for inside an outside due to theft around neighborhood an hubby got a new motorcycle plus stuff keeps missing from my home an people staying here claiming they don’t do stuff when they have.

  193. I love this! I am a single mom and I live out in the country. I would love the added security and peace of mind that this product could provide for me and my children. What a wonderful product!

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