Tips to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Court

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Tips to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Court

Tips to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Court

Mandy Robinson, Yahoo Contributor Network

If you are ever stopped by a police officer, you could easily end up with a ticket. You will want to
follow these tips to help yourself not have to pay the ticket or pay less. Another thing that can be
done is keep it off your record, which is very important for insurance or if you have a CDL license.
1. Go to court – If you don’t go to court, you can’t fight your ticket. You will simply have to pay it and
go on about your business. This is the only way to beat it.
2. Check the speed limit – After you get stopped, make sure the officer wrote you a correct ticket. It
is possible that he was wrong on the speed limit. Everyone makes mistakes. Also if you were really
close to where the speed limit changed, make sure you note this so you can tell the judge. If there is
something worth taking a picture of, take it so you can show it in court.
3. Look good in court – Make sure you dress nice. Do not go into court wearing a tank top or flip
flops. Put on a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt. You will be treated the way you look in court. It is
very important.
4. Hire a lawyer – If it is very important to you that this ticket is off your record, make sure you hire a
lawyer. They can do the hard work for you. Remember though, if it is only a small ticket and won’t
affect your job, the cost of the lawyer might not be worth it. If you choose to hire a lawyer, make sure
it is one that specializes in speeding tickets and knows what they are doing in this area.
5. Be polite – You do not want to be rude at all. When you ask questions, do it in a polite way.
Prepare your questions for the officer before court so it will appear you know what you are talking
about and you will not be embarrassed

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