Simple Chef Gordon Ramsay Steak Technique To Die For

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Simple Chef Gordon Ramsay Steak Technique To Die For

Finding the perfect way to cook steak is something that every amateur chef works towards. There are millions of different techniques out there making it far more complicated than it has to be. Chef Gordon Ramsay shows that the basics are all you really need to cook up a steak to perfection. The techniques displayed in the video are extremely simple.

Watching the video I did start to see some basic mistakes that people make. For example, the tip about taking the steak out of the refrigerator 20 minutes early is one that often gets missed. It makes perfect sense because the cooler the inside of the steak is, the hotter you will need to cook the outer portion. This can lead to uneven cooking and even a cold center.

Another interesting tip was to heat your pan for five minutes. This is common sense to many, but absolute gold to an amateur cook. Keep in mind that you do not want to boil the steak. You simply want to sear it. Having your pan at the right cooking temperature is absolutely vital.

One of my favorite parts is where he explains how to know the steak is done. You can use your palm and wrist to determine the pliability of the steak and where it is in the cooking process. Determining when your steak is rare, medium and well done is not complicated if you know what to look for. By touching your steak, you can tell by the firmness how done it is. Simply compare as shown in the video to the feeling you get when you press your own palm and wrist. The firmer the steak, the more well done it is.

I also love the addition of butter and garlic midway through the cooking process. As the basting sauce comes to life in the pan, you will almost taste the flavors bursting through.

I have to warn you…this Chef Ramsay cooking video will make your mouth water and make you want to head out for a steak right now! Cook one up like this for Father’s Day if you really want to get some points with Dad!

Here is the video:

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