7 Cleaning Tips to Eliminate Supermom Syndrome

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7 Cleaning Tips to Eliminate Supermom Syndrome

7 Cleaning Tips To Eliminate Supermom Syndrome


You guys known Supermom, right? She is that Mom that gave up sharing the chores years ago after several failed tries to get cooperation. She is also the Mom that knows it is quicker to do it herself. Supermom is a special individual, but she is overworked, stretched thin and ready to pull her hair out every single day. She might keep that pretty smile on her face but inside she is a ticking bomb waiting to explode.


If you…ahem…know of a Supermom, you should send her this list. She will certainly benefit from it.


7. Use a cleaning list – Nobody is going to make it very far without a list to keep things accountable. Make out a good cleaning list and make sure your family knows exactly where it is posted. Include the names of the responsible parties where applicable.


6. Use a family bowl for weekly cleaning chores – The weekly chores are the ones that fall through the cracks. The daily ones you can easily police, but the weekly ones can slide right by. To solve this, put the weekly chores on individual pieces of paper, put them in a bowl and gather your family once per week for an hour or two. Everyone reaches in and pulls out a task, finishes it, and then continues until the bowl is done. Everyone gets the same number of bowl pulls to make things fair.


5. Teach everyone to multitask throughout the day – Okay Supermom….you might be able to leap sinks full of dishes in a single bound while simultaneously cleaning out the same sink. You are an old pro. Chances are good, however, that your kids and family members are unable to do such feats of cleaning. Teach them to straighten the coat closet while they wait for the school bus. Teach them to clean the sink counter while they brush their teeth. This adds up over time if everyone is doing it.


4. Set time limits for short jobs – No more allowing four hours to make up a bed, Mom. Set limits and enforce them.


3. List priority tasks each day – The best cleaning tips to eliminate Supermom syndrome involve your family knowing what you value the most. Many of them aim to please but they have no clue what they should be shooting at. List your priorities. This is where the following comes in….


2. Have a chore board – This should be front and center in a place where everyone sees it on a regular basis. List all daily priorities, appointments and expectations. This will help your family stay focused on the things that matter.


1. Take off the cape – Superwomen everywhere sit back and wonder why they are having to do it all. If you never take the cape off, you have absolutely no chance of getting anyone to pitch in. Leave your husband without underwear or supper….he will learn his lesson.

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