Seven Powerful Uses for Plain White Vinegar

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Seven Powerful Uses for Plain White Vinegar

Seven Powerful Uses for Plain White Vinegar

Plain white vinegar is one of the most flexible, powerful and creatively fantastic tools you can have in a home. It can take the place of a number of household items and perform tasks that you never even realized. Don’t believe me?

Check out this list of seven powerful uses for plain white vinegar and then you will see what I mean:

As a fabric softener in the wash

You can do this by simply adding about ¼ cup into your rinse cycle and letting it do it’s thing. You will be amazed at how wonderful your wash comes out. If you want to have more of a traditional fabric softener with scent, you can also add a drop or two of essential oils along with this recipe from our friends over at Surviving the Stores.

If you are not familiar with essential oils, start here! 

To unstick the sticky

Nobody likes that leftover goop and most people hate spending the money for Goo Gone and other products like them. Why spend the cash if you can simply use vinegar to get it gone? Simply rub vinegar along the edges and scrape it away easily.

Cleaning that nasty microwave

All you need to do it put a quarter cup of vinegar into a bowl of water (about one cup of water) and let it heat up for five minutes. Once it finishes, let the mixture sit and cool down. Then take the mixture and wipe your microwave sparkly clean. The vinegar will pull most of the nastiness right off the surface!

Get rid of food stains on your hands

Do you eat a ton of berries, cheetos or other staining foods? Don’t you hate it when you are left with a ton of mess after picking strawberries in the hot sun? Perhaps you have some M&M’s on your hands? Whatever the case, vinegar is a simple solution to wash your skin clean.

Get rid of the new paint smell

If you have just painted your home and you want to get rid of the fumes, simple place a few open dishes of white vinegar around various areas of the room. This will quickly get rid of the smell and leave your room fresh and clean.

Use it as a flea and tick repellent

If you have a dog or cat, fleas can be a real pain in the summer months. Why not use that white vinegar to eliminate the little bugs once and for all?

Mix up a spray bottle with equal amounts of water and white vinegar and you can apply it directly to your dog. Spend some time rubbing it in to ensure it is completely applied.

Keep rabbits and pests out of your garden

This is one thing that most everyone should do if they have a garden. Vinegar is hated by the vast majority of pest creatures simply because they don’t like the smell. To keep them out of your garden, soak old rags in vinegar and place them in various areas of the garden.

Surround your garden with them to a degree. Most people put the rags on poles in the ground but make sure they sit close to the ground to increase the smell. Resoak as needed.

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Seven Powerful Uses for Plain White Vinegar

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