Delicious Apple Pastry Art – It’s So Simple!

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Delicious Apple Pastry Art – It’s So Simple!

One of the most enjoyable things you can do in the kitchen is to create dishes that are visually appealing. In fact, chefs all over the world pay big money to go to school and learn about this very thing. Sometimes, however, the most basic creations can be the best. With the wonders of YouTube and other video formats, we now have access to all kinds of cool creations to try in our own kitchens.

Looking around for some yummy creations, we came across this incredibly scrumptious dessert creation and fell in love. Apples, cinnamon, apricot spread and pastries merge together in this video and do so in a masterfully creative way. Sometimes we are lucky enough to come across something so simple that we can recreate it and be a kitchen hero for the day.

If you love to make fun, creative foods that look as good as they taste, then this video is for you. Gather up your ingredients and follow along in the video below as Manuela teaches you the art of building a pastry masterpiece in easy to follow detail:

How incredible is that? It is amazing how such amazingly simple ingredients can create such a wonderfully exciting dessert. It is so unique and would be a wonderful thing to serve at any party. Can you imagine teaching your children this wonderful process? They might just fall in love with cooking right beside you as you find new and creative things to try.

That is what great cooking is all about right? Inspiration?

What inspires you in the kitchen?

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