How to Organize For Back to School

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How to organize for Back to School

How to Organize For Back to School

Trying to get ready and organize for back to school really should not be so complicated, yet it always seems to be. This becomes increasingly true the more kids that you have and they all seem to need something totally different. Gone are the days when you simply needed a book bag, notebooks, pencils and erasers. Now you need a whole checklist of things for each class. Getting organized in this situation is absolutely vital! This little mini-guide will help you find your center and get the kids ready for classes in no time flat.

Changing Their Schedule

The first thing you have to do is get the kids (and yourself) used to the new schedule. When kids suddenly have to get up early after spending the entire summer sleeping in, you have to do it in increments. The last thing you want is to have them stay up until the very last day and then try to motivate them out of bed for school. Begin changing bed times a couple of weeks out at a minimum and be sure to have several dry runs before the first day of school. Also, don’t forget to adjust your own bedtime in anticipation of the chaos that is back to school mornings!

School Clothes

Getting school clothes is a major pain in the tail, but you can make it much easier by starting really early. Look for clearance sales and items throughout the year that your kids will like. You would be amazed at how many deals are out there if you are willing to start early in the season. Other great places to get school clothes and save money include thrift stores, yard sales and discount outlets. Some folks actually have an exchange/sharing program with other families to share clothes and supplies. Talk to families in your social circle and you might even be able to start one yourself.

School Supplies

Like clothes, you need to get the basics early on. There are certain school supplies that every student will need in pretty much every class. Paper, pencils, glue, etc.. When you have a great deal in front of you on these types of items, stock up and buy in bulk. Other supplies will be needed, but at least your list will shrink considerably. Try to go online or visit the school to get detailed lists from teachers as soon as you can. It is hard to organize for back to school if you don’t actually know what is needed.

Gym Clothes

Most schools require gym clothes at a minimum and school outfits are sometimes on the list too. If your local school is like this, make sure you remember to get those before school starts. Some schools offer discounts for buying them early. This is also true of other school related items like school yearbooks and pep club support items.

Sporting Goods

If your kid is an athlete, you already know the costs involved where sporting goods are concerned. Sit down with your kid in advance of the school year and find out which sports they are going to engage in. This can help you to make a list of what will be needed for each one and buy them as they go on sale. Cleats, pads, outfits and equipment are examples of what you will need, but each sport will have it’s own wants and needs. Plan ahead and budget these things. This is an often overlooked aspect of organizing for back to school.

Class Schedules/Transportation

Finally, you want to get the school schedules and transportation details down pat far in advance of the first day. No kid likes going into the unknown. Get this information as soon as you can and begin adjusting your kid to the schedule and plan ahead of time. Your child will feel much better about back to school if he or she knows what to expect. Visit the school as a part of your organizing for back to school plan. This will get you many of the answers and information you need.


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