Top 10 Most Popular Essential Oils

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Top 10 Most Popular Essential Oils

Top 10 Most Popular Essential Oils

Essential Oils have truly become…well…essential in recent years. There are many folks, myself included, that use them on a daily basis in one application or another and that is part of the allure. There are countless ways to use essential oils! Although you could find a million different combinations of any essential oils top ten lists, (everyone has their favorites), this list is a fair overview of the most popular. Here are ten of the most popular essential oils and why we love them:

Lavender Essential Oil

This flexible oil is popular for a number of reasons but the most commonly mentioned is for stress relief. The wonderful aroma it emits is soothing to the soul and makes for a wonderful bath. It also is great for migraines, a cold, body aches.  I find it most helpful after a mosquito bite though because it soothes the irritation.

Bergamot Essential Oil

If you suffer from anxiety or find yourself feeling a bit down, Bergamot is well known to help you feel better. It is also useful as with acne, mouth sores and various other uses.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Bacterial and viral infections are commonly treated with tea tree oil but that is only one of hundreds of uses. You can even enjoy it as an insect repellent and an antiseptic. Tea tree oil is among the most flexible essential oils on the market.


Chamomile comes in many forms and each of them have unique abilities. The most common usage is as an antinflammatory. It can work wonders for teething children, sunburns and even sprains.


If you want a morning bath that will set the mood for a wonderful day, Rosemary is your essential oil. It has been used in the treatment of many muscular based conditions such as aches, pains, arthritis and even fatigue.


This is a popular essential oil in skin care but it is not limited to this use by any means. Like other essential oils, Geranium can be used to treat everything from menopause to calming the nerves.


An antibacterial and an antiseptic, clove works wonders to prevent infections. Clove is also extremely popular to treat toothaches and jazz up your cooking as a spice.


This wonderfully aromatic essential oil can do wonders for matters of the stomach. Digestive upsets of all kinds can be relieved with peppermint and it also helps with headaches.  I can tell you personally that I love to diffuse peppermint and lemon together to give me a great mood!


Used in moderation, thyme can be awesome to help prevent the flu and other sickness. Thyme also is known to be very powerful and requires careful moderation.


From insect repellent to congestion relief, Eucalyptus is extremely beloved by most in the essential oils world. This awesomely versatile essential oil will keep you feeling refreshed while at the same time being a powerful antiviral product.

There are so many other wonder essential oils and this list is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  I have become quite fond of Young Living Essential oils for a few different reasons.  I’m not one that just goes with whats popular.  This speaks volumes for this brand.  I did a small test between some very popular Essential oils I bought on Amazon here and compared the color, scent and results to Young Living Essential oils.  I was extremely surprised to learn the huge difference in quality.  You can see it in the color and you can most definitely smell the difference too.  Head over here to read more about Young Living Essential Oils.

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