Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

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In the world of essential oils, evening primrose oil is quite diverse. The product is derived not from the flower but from the seed of the plant.

The part of evening primrose that is so good for us is called GLA, or gamma-linolenic acid. Evening primrose in its natural state is quite beautiful. It often has a bright yellow flower and blends nicely with almost any garden visually.

Despite this, it is also considered an invasive weed to some. Once it begins seeding and taking hold, it can be rather tough to get rid of it, so many people are not particularly fond of it showing up in their flower beds.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil


Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil


The benefits of using evening primrose oil are many, but here are several of the absolute best uses for this powerful oil:


Fight Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome can break a person down and really play havoc with a person’s muscles, energy, and state of mind. Evening primrose oil is used to really ease the pain in the muscles and boost energy.

There are no clear studies for why this happens but it is certainly a very real solution. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who sing it’s praise on a regular basis.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and their safe uses, please check out my guide to essential oils:


Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil


Ease Breast Pain

If you suffer from sore breasts, evening primrose oil is almost certain to be of some benefit. Again, studies can’t seem to agree about why it helps so much, but it certainly does.


Skin Problems

There is no doubt that evening primrose oil, and GLA in particular, helps the body to produce anti-inflammatories to fight off inflammation. Because of this, skin ailments are always high on the list of benefits of evening primrose oil.

Eczema in particular is very responsive to this treatment. There are many testimonies online of people who could not get rid of their skin conditions for anything but found relief of some kind with EPO.

Other skin conditions have shown to be responsive as well, though to varying degrees.



Essential fatty acids are necessary for skin to stay supple and young. As we age, our skin gets more susceptible and occasionally needs a helping hand. Evening primrose oil works quite nicely to provide those missing ingredients.

There are many folks that swear by this product for acne too.


Menopausal Relief

Going through menopause is not easy for anyone but some women are highly symptomatic. For those that are, evening primrose oil is said to be a great solution to ease them.

From hot flashes to night sweats, evening primrose oil can make your life a little bit calmer during those extremely difficult moments.


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Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

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