Medication Refills Made Easy! #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

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Medication Refills Made Easy!

It’s apparent to me this year more than ever that I really need to make my life as simple as possible.  Simple is my word for year 2014.  I’m trying to focus on many daily tasks that I have to take on that can be a bit easier too.  Medication refills can be a huge task and sometimes pretty frustrating.  Especially when you have a rare medication or a popular medication.  You run the risk if it being out of stock or maybe it’s just one of those medications you need to order in advance.

I just realized there are many different ways to make my life way easier with refill options at Walgreens!  I take a daily prescription acid reducer for stomach problems.  I will have to take this medicine for the rest of my life.  So believe me when I tell you I know all the problems a pharmacy can have with medications.  There are a few medicines that I have to keep up with for my husband and my kids too.  The monthly refills are easy but the “use as needed” medications can get a bit tricky when refilling it.

I love how Walgreens has plenty of easy options for me and my family.  I think they created this process with my history in mind.  That’s right.   It was just for me!  Okay, maybe not just for me but they have made my life much easier when it comes to refills.

There are a few different ways to refill your prescription.  You can do it the old fashion way by bringing your old bottle into the pharmacy and asking them to fill it while you wait but “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

You can set up an auto refill which is my favorite for those meds you know you take daily and will need at a certain time.  I love the refill reminder emails (or texts alerts if you prefer).  Or you could also just login to the online pharmacy account to refill your prescriptions too.   But my number one favorite way to access the pharmacy is via the Walgreens app!  I use the iphone and I always have it with me.  It has a little scanner so I don’t even have to type in the refill number.  How simple is that?!!

Here’s a screenshot of the Walgreens app for the iphone:

Walgreens App #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

The Walgreens app is also available on the Android and iPad platforms too.

Oh!  I almost forget something really cool!  Walgreens has a pharmacy chat option!  Talk with a trusted Pharmacists on secure chat for FREE!

So Walgreens has definitely made my life much more easy with my medication refills but they also rock when someone gets the flu and needs meds asap!  Yup, that’s right.  Little one got the flu.  Texas was hit hard by the flu this year.  My daughter always has a smile even when she’s down with the flu.  I think she was smiling in this photo because she found out a shot wasn’t needed and she was happy it was only medications!  Off to Walgreens.  Again.  I was sure to grab a can of disinfectant while I was there too.

Medication Refills #WalgreensRX #Shop #Cbias

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