5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Winter Accessories

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5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Winter Accessories

5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Winter Accessories

Winter accessories are often pushed to the back of the organization list simply because they are not used all that often. Unless you live in a continuously cold area, most people pull out the winter accessories once per year. When they do, they generally find their closet completely in disarray and their mud room completely…well…muddy. Winter can do that sort of thing if you don’t find some ways to organize. Here are some easy tips that can help organize your winter accessories and keep things in order as the colder months approach:

Pans for Boots

Muddy boots and melting ice can be a mess in a foyer or mudroom if you don’t find some way to contain it. One of the quickest and easiest ways to take care of this problem is to place shallow pans by the door that are big enough to hold the mud and water as it melts. This way you don’t have to place the boots outside to freeze and be uncomfortable when you put them back on. These shallow pans can be found at most dollar type stores.

Over the Door Shoe Holder for Winter Items

The shoe holders that just hang on the back of a door are perfect for winter accessories of all kinds. You can put hats, gloves, scarves and countless other items in the little slots and are especially ideal for children. If you are not worried about the items being squished, this option is the cheapest and easiest.

Bins for Off Season Items

Most people simply place all their winter accessories in a bin and put a label on it. This is a quick and easy way to store your winter items and makes it easy to find when the cold weather comes rolling in.

Scarf Rack

Scarves can be a bit tricky because some are fashionable and others are for warmth. Getting a scarf rack or hanger is a great way to be able to hang them all without fear of hooking or tearing the fabric. You can also use these for belts and other items. My favorite one can be found over at Amazon for less than $15 and does a great job of keeping my winter accessories organized. Head over and grab one here!

Hat Racks

Although most winter hats are easily stored, some folks like to use hats as a fashion statement as well as warmth. If you wear nicer hats that need safe storage, a hat rack is a near must. Short of stacking hat boxes in your room or closet, it is the only truly safe way to organize your winter accessories so that they will keep their shape. Winter accessories are not all that tough to store in general, but hats are a different story. You might have to spend a few bucks and get a nice hat rack. Seeing them hanging like this also makes it easy to pick the right one for your outfit on a given day.

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