Easy Tips to Organize Your Master Bedroom

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Easy Tips to Organize Your Master Bedroom

Easy Tips to Organize Your Master Bedroom


Your master bedroom should be a haven for you to enjoy. A cluttered and disorganized master bedroom can create anxiety and turn your haven into a place you wish to avoid. Organize that bedroom and reclaim it so you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of your special place.

Use Underbed Storage

Most beds have a good amount of space underneath them. This is a treasure trove of storage potential. Make use of it! Invest in sturdy, plastic underbed storage boxes to keep things accessible but out of sight. Some underbed storage boxes come with rollers to make sliding them in and out easier.

You may choose to store items like family pictures, extra sheets and blankets, and other extra linens under your bed. Underbed storage is also useful for items like books or DVDs that you want to keep close or even off-season clothing, jackets, coats, or hats and gloves.

Keep Dressers Clear

Walking into your bedroom should instill a sense of peace and tranquility. If your dresser tops are cluttered and covered with assorted knick knacks, junk and things that just shouldn’t be there, you won’t feel quite so peaceful. Clear off those dressers and make a point of keeping them clear.

Start by removing everything and dumping it all into a box to sort later. Once your dresser tops are clear, spend a little time dusting and cleaning.

Next, it’s time to sort everything that you have moved into the box. Pull out anything that belongs elsewhere and get those items out of the master bedroom and into the room where they belong.

After you have sorted items that belong elsewhere, now it’s time to choose what can be gotten rid of. You are certain to have a few items that you can get rid of — either because they need to be thrown away or you no longer need them and can give them away. Toss items or box up to be taken to a thrift store for donation.

Finally, you need to put away the items you plan to keep on your dresser. Remember, only keep items that are necessary sitting on your dressers.

Don’t Use the Master Bedroom as a Dumping Ground

When you are cleaning your house, it’s easy to use the master bedroom as a dumping ground for items that seem to have no other place — especially if you are cleaning in a hurry to prepare for company. Designate another place in your home — other than your master bedroom — for this purpose. Make a concerted effort to only put things in your master bedroom that are supposed to be there.

A clean and organized master bedroom will help you gain that sense of peace and tranquility that you want to enjoy. Spend some time getting things in order and you may be surprised at how restful your bedroom will feel.

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