7 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

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7 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

7 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, organization is an absolute must. Most people that love their kitchen want it to be functional and beautiful. Despite this, few people have a truly organized kitchen. Most people either spend all their time making it beautiful and neglect the function or the other way around. The key is to find that blend of functionality and beauty that will meet all of your culinary needs.  Here are some great tips for how to organize your kitchen:

Hang what you can

Hanging things up high can totally transform a small kitchen into a roomy space to cook in. You can hang pots, pans, utensils and pretty much anything that you would like to display. Whether you hang them from racks over a kitchen island or you line them up under cabinets, hanging can help you get organized by making extra space.

Get a movable island

There was a time when small kitchen’s were doomed to not have a place to prep their food. The counters were often tiny and their was not enough room to put a kitchen island. Now, you can get a movable island for your kitchen. These islands are stunning and can be had for very reasonable prices. If you have less space or simply like the idea of opening up your larger kitchen for more organization space, consider a kitchen island that moves.

Here is a model that I absolutely love on Amazon. It is reasonably priced and would fit in most any kitchen.

Put rarely used items in vertical storage

Those cabinets that sit up high are great for vertical storage of items you rarely use. Why store your dishes in there when you are only going to have to use a step stool to get to them? Organize your kitchen top to bottom by keeping rarely used items up high.

Put pots and pans right by the stove

The storage areas that are near the stove should be used for the pots and pans that you use most often. If you are not going to hang them, placing them near the stove will save you plenty of reach time and aggravation.

Place dishes by type in specific areas

Organizing your kitchen is easy once you break everything down into areas. Take the time to separate all your dishes into sections and then keep them together. You will save yourself hours of frustration over time and quickly be able to get to any dish you need.

Make a leftover section

We all are embracing the leftover movement and with good reason…why waste food? That said, you should have a single cabinet or drawer dedicated to storing those leftovers. Place all the things you need for leftover storage right by the fridge in a drawer or cabinet and you can quickly and easily put them away.

Put your most used utensils in a container by the stove

A beautiful, decorative vase is a wonderful way to keep your most used utensils together or some even like to put them in a country style water can. Whatever you use, keeping those most used utensils together is a great way to speed up the preparation in the kitchen.

Organizing your kitchen is really not all that tough if you are willing to put in the work. You probably spend a good deal of time in there, so why not invest in making it as functional and beautiful as possible?


Here’s a printable kitchen cleaning and organization checklist:  Kitchen Cleaning and Organization Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning and Organization Checklist

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