8 Tips to Help Organize Your Pregnancy

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8 Tips to Help Organize Your Pregnancy

8 Tips to Help Organize Your Pregnancy


Planning a pregnancy scares many women and it is easy to understand why. Planning a pregnancy can be quite complicated and it is wise to understand that it won’t be exactly easy. That said, you can still organize your pregnancy and find your inner calm. The key is to take things in increments and to start early if you can. Here are 8 important tips to help get you organized and keep you that way throughout the coming months leading up the baby’s arrival:

Take a Look at Your Insurance Coverage

Do you know what your health insurance covers as far as maternity care? If you don’t, now is the time to take a good look at it. If you’re not sure, call your insurance company and ask for specifics regarding coverage for your pregnancy.

Look at Your Budget

Before your pregnancy happens, sit down with your partner and take a look at your family’s budget. If you want to stay home with the baby after it is born or if you plan to cut back to part-time work, you will need to make budget adjustments now. Figure out a realistic plan to adjust your budget to take into account a lower income and baby expenses.

Plan for Time Away from Work

If you plan to continue working after your baby is born, you will need to check into your employer’s policy regarding maternity leave. You will need to know if the maternity leave is paid or unpaid and if it uses up accumulated vacation and sick time. You will also need to plan for coverage of your particular job while you are gone. Find out who will cover for you when you take maternity leave.

Check Out Child Care Options in Your Area

Whether you return to work full-time, part-time, or not at all, chances are you will need child care of some sort. Start looking around your area to see who and what is available. Talk to family members to find out who might be willing to help with some occasional child care.

Start Reading

Start reading about pregnancy and baby care now. Knowing what to expect when you are pregnant will help you prepare and understand what will be happening to your body.

Start Gathering Maternity Clothes

Start keeping an eye open for bargains on maternity clothes now. If you are willing to wear used maternity clothes, start browsing at yard sales and thrift stores for clothes you can put away and save. Keep in mind that you will want plenty of versatile items that can mixed and matched to create outfits.

Start Gathering Baby Items

Check out clearances and sales on baby items at local stores. Start picking up a few items as you find great bargains. Shop yard sales and thrift stores for clothing and other items that will be useful when your baby finally arrives.

Improve Your Health Practices

Before you get pregnant is the right time to start eating healthier, exercise more frequently and stop drinking or smoking. Start working on these healthy living practices so you can get your body in the best shape possible for pregnancy.

Getting organized now, before you are pregnant, can help you feel prepared and ready to undertake this new adventure in your life.

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