DIY Minecraft Creeper Shirt Tutorial

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DIY Minecraft Creeper Shirt Tutorial

DIY Minecraft Creeper Shirt Tutorial

My daughter has a new obsession with Minecraft!  We decided to turn this obsession into a fun little craft that she could wear.  Anything to take her away from the Xbox360 too.   Have you ever played the Minecraft game?  It’s pretty interesting and it’s a fun learning experience for the kids too.  This game teaches kids how to build “stuff” using earth products found throughout the game.  Beware though, it’s quite addicting!

Here’s how we created our Minecraft Creeper Tshirt:

First we started off by making a template.  I will save you some trouble and let you download our printable Minecraft Creeper Shirt template here.  (Be sure to print it in fast draft mode to save some ink)

Now trace that template on to some Freezer paper.  (not wax paper)  I use Reynold’s Freezer paper as seen here.  You can find it at your local grocery store too.  Trace it on the non-shiny side of the paper.

Next, I used an Xacto knife (just like this one) to cut out my template.  I placed my design on a cutting board and cut out all the black parts of the face on the template.  Use a ruler to get straight lines.  It’s helpful.  Be sure to leave enough room on the sides of the template on the freezer paper.  You will be painting the inside of the Minecraft creeper face that you cut out and you want enough room on the edges so you don’t accidentally get paint on the outside of that design.

Now use an iron on medium heat to iron your template (shiny side down) on your tshirt.  Make sure it’s completely centered and placed exactly where you want it before you iron it on.

Once it’s cooled down a bit start painting the Minecraft creeper face with the paint color you desire.  We ended up using these types of paints as seen on Amazon but you can find them at your local craft stores too. I highly suggest using a sponge to apply the paint. Use a dabbing motion to apply the paint in thin layers. Apply a second or third layer if needed. Darker shirts will need a few different layers.

Wait for the paint to completely dry and then you can just peel off the freezer paper. Voila! You are done! Easy, Peasy!

Enjoy and stay crafty my Friends!

DIY Minecraft Creeper Shirt Tutorial

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  1. Just wondering if you think this method would work for a backpack too? I found the perfect green backpack to do a creeper face on but don’t know if bc of the material this method would work or not or I would mess up the backpack. Thanks for any input!

    1. I highly doubt you will be able to iron that on a backpack. I would try painters tape depending on the material. If the tape sticks really good then I would try it. If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t.

  2. Thanks for the GREAT tutorial! I want to make a few of the creeper t-shirts to give as party favors. Can you reuse the freezer paper stencil or do you have to make a new stencil for each shirt?

  3. Hello! I’ve seen you’ve got such a nice t-shirt there and i was wondering this: I wanted to make a blouse with a similar technique but… does the paint wash off after few weeks, after you put it in the washing machine? I’ve seen that they wash off very easily with soap and water if you don’t iron them. I really want them to last.
    Looking forward to your answer. Thank you!

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