IMPORTANT! Facebook Changes! Many iSavers are NOT Happy! You Can Change This!

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Whoa!  I have many unhappy iSavers that have contacted me because they cannot see all the good deals I post in their Facebook Newsfeed!  

As many of you may have already noticed, Facebook has made some major changes!  Most of you are not seeing the iSaveA2Z Facebook Fan Page in your news feed.  Facebook has decided to charge Fan Pages to be “seen” in your newsfeed even if you have ALREADY liked the fan page!

The iSaver Fan Page has over 22,000 fans and yet Facebook wants the Fan Page owners to “pay” to promote our posts.  This hardly seems fair since I am just a stay at home mom that provides you with a “free” service on money saving tips or opportunities.  There is now way in the world I could promote for you to see a freebie!

Take a look at these fees too:

promoting your Facebook fan page fee schedule

I would have to pay $100 for all of the iSaver Fans to have an opportunity to see my posts!  WHOA!  Crazy huh?!!

Although I have no intentions to pay any of these fees, I will, however, STILL provide YOU with the Best Deals, Giveaways, High Value Coupons and Freebies I find can find on a daily basis for FREE (No cost to you!)

=======>>>>I DO HAVE A SOLUTION<<<<=======

To make sure you can still see the iSaveA2Z Newsfeed within Facebook follow these steps:

1.  Go to the iSaveA2Z Facebook Fan Page HERE

2.  Next honor your mouse over  the “liked” button and a window will drop down (as seen in the photos below)

3.  Lastly, make sure there is a check mark next to the option: Show in News Feed

4.  VOILA!  You just fixed the problem 

fan pages on Facebook

iSaveA2Z does have multiple ways for you to see all of our deals too!  Check us out on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

We also have a daily email that we send out with all the deals for that day!  It’s a great way to catch deals you may have missed if you weren’t on the social media sites too!  Sign up below!

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Thank you to all the iSavers that have contacted me to try and figure this problem out!  I appreciate you!!!

Note to Facebook:  Don’t get in the way of the iSaver Readers when they are trying to save money!!!

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  1. Not sure you understand. It isn’t a change. Its a new tool for you to use to promote your page. Your reach on facebook depends on how your followers interact with you. The more they interact, the more they will see your status updates. I don’t know if it has ever been that all of your followers saw all of your updates, especially for those following a lot of pages. You seem to be under the impression you are losing something when you’re not. They’re not hiding your updates. Fans who interact with you will still see your updates and they can go to your page anytime and read them. If you want those who don’t interact with you regularly to see your updates then you can pay and increase the chances they will. Its called advertising (which is usually paid for).

    1. Thanks for your feedback, however, I’ve had MANY iSavers contact me because they are used to seeing my status updates in their feed and “all of a sudden” Facebook changed something to my iSavers not see any status updates at all!
      Many readers have had to go back in to their settings and “choose” to be seen in the newsfeed again.

      I simply wrote this post to explain what happened and how it can be fixed on their end.

      I completely understand about “paid” advertising but I’ve already hosted other events (by paying money) to get my current iSavers here already. So yes, I am losing something!

      I hope you understand.

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