Old MacDonald’s Farm in Rapid City, South Dakota

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Old MacDonald's Farm in Rapid City, South DakotaOld MacDonald’s Farm in Rapid City, South Dakota

If you’re planning a trip anywhere near or in Rapid City, South Dakota, then Old MacDonald’s Farm is a really great place to stop off at for all of the family to see! It’s fun for the kids and the adults.


This Old MacDonald’s Farm is located at 23691 busted Five Ct, which is 9 miles from Rapid City, and 13 miles from Mount Rushmore. What’s great about this place off on the side of the road, is that it has TONS of different farm animals for you to see and pet!


Pony Rides

They even offer pony rides, which is something all of the kids absolutely love! It’s not everyday that they get to ride a real life pony, after all!


Baby Calves

This farm also has certain times of the day in which they feed their baby animals. What’s great about this, is that you get to help them feed the little cuties! When we went, we were able to help bottle feed the farm’s baby calves, which was the cutest thing you can ever imagine!


Baby Chick House

In the middle of thisOld MacDonald Farm they have a little hen house kind of building! Inside you can see little chicks that have just hatched, and you can even hold some that are able to go outside of the incubator.  This is really cute, because some may even stay put in your hand and get comfortable while you pet them! Such cute little babies they are! You can here lots of uuuu’s and awwwww’s as people walk from one box to the other.


Baby Goats

Another great part about this Old McDonald’s Farm, was being able to walk into the pen with the baby goats and their mother! It was so cute to watch the little babes run around and play, and even jump on the backs of the older goats while they are resting! It’s definitely a good experience, and worth stopping by on your trip to see all the cute little animals on their farm!  We certainly enjoyed every minute of it and I bet you will too!




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