Ten Awesome Tips to Help Organize for a Move

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Ten Awesome Tips to Help Organize for a Move

Ten Awesome Tips to Help Organize For a Move

On the surface, trying to organize for a move doesn’t really sound all that intimidating. A box here and a moving truck there can’t really be all that complicated….right? Wrong! Moving is very complicated and can quickly overwhelm you if you are not careful to stay on top of things. Moving is simple if you break it down into sections. Here is a quick guide to get you started off right and into your new home with a minimum of stress:

Have a before move purge

Of all the things you can do before a move, purging is the most important. Why? Because purging will eliminate wasted storage space and get rid of the dead weight. It feels so good to get rid of stuff and start anew. Take your time and really ask yourself if you are going to use each item you touch. (Touch them all) Then either donate, sell or eliminate the things you no longer need.

Change your address ahead of the move

Changing your address is no longer difficult or complicated. You simply go online and fill out the information. The post office does the rest for you. You can change your address here. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time in between so that your mail will be coming when you get there.

Take measurements before the move

Visit the new location and take detailed measurements of each room, window and doorway. Keep a journal to refer to throughout the moving process. When you get back home, measure your furniture and see if there are issues with doorways, steps or hallways. Planning ahead will help you deal on moving day.

Establish a move room

A move room is simply a place to stage all of your moving boxes as you complete them. Clear out a room that is near the door you will be taking stuff out and use it to put boxes that are completely packed and sealed. This will help when the moving help arrives because everything will be centrally located except the furniture.

Clean the new location ahead of the move

Never ever wait to clean after you get there. You will most assuredly wish you had done so ahead of the move.

Secure supplies two weeks out

When you organize for a move, supplies are going to be a vital part of the process. You need to have moving boxes, moving tape and countless other little items. Spend some time on this far in advance and you will have a much smoother move. Not only will this help with the process but you can save a bit of money if you find deals ahead of time too.  The last thing you want to do is be chasing down moving supplies on the final day.

TIP:  I have found that this stretch wrap has been the most helpful product I had on hand when moving: Duck Brand Stretch
 It’s not something you find at your local stores.  You can use it to wrap blankets around furniture, towels around dishes, or anything that you want to keep in order without losing pieces too.  It’s extremely handy and worth every penny.  I’ve even used this stuff to wrap big piles of brush to take out at trash day.  I use it more often that I want to admit.

Label every box

Each box needs to have a room clearly labeled on the outside so that the movers know exactly what to do with it. This will also ensure you that you stay organized when you get there. Some folks even put a list of what is inside in the box. Make sure you label the boxes in the same place on each one. (top, side, bottom, etc)

One room…one box

Make sure that you pack each box with items that are going to the same room. In other words, do not pack up boxes based solely on how they fit in the box. If you do, you will have an organizational nightmare on your hands when you arrive. Stick to one room per box and it will be much easier to organize for a move.

Delegate responsibilities

Make sure that every single person has a job to do and that they are familiar with what is needed. Ideally you will have one person for each room to make sure things are handled properly if you have paid movers. If not, then organizing your moving crew becomes even more vital. Make sure everyone knows what they need to do and take them out for dinner afterwards to thank them.

Go ahead and get the dolly

We all get a taste of Superman syndrome when we move. Don’t try to lift it all yourself. Don’t try to move faster than your body can safely move. And last but not least……Pay for the Dolly! Your back and your knees will thank you later. What tips do you have to help organize for a move?

TIP:  Get free boxes on Craigslist or at your local grocery store.  If you have to purchase them, I found Walmart carries them at the cheapest price for new boxes but there are plenty of used ones to be found.

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