Redecorate a Teens Bedroom with Paint! Frugal Decorating Tips!

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Redecorate a Teens Bedroom with paint

Redecorate a Teens Bedroom with Paint!  Frugal Decorating Tips!

Here’s an idea to redecorate a teens bedroom with paint!  One of the best ways to save money on redecorating is to use paint.  Paint can give the same space a whole new feel for just under $50!

My daughter loves dragons!  She’s obsessed with them!  She enjoys an Oriental twist.  So of course red and black where definitely the colors to fit here taste.  We added a cherry blossom tree branch that extended across three walls of her room.  The cherry blossoms were really easy to paint too.  It’s basically a little star almost with a little detail in the center of it.  We then added a huge red border with a thin black line border underneath.

We also added a set of three Chinese Paper lanterns.  You can find these at IKEA or even here on Amazon.  Here’s a whole bunch of different Chinese paper lanterns to choose from on Amazon.

We ended up finding our curtains at our local Walmart but if you have colors that are hard to find you may want to check out the curtains at Amazon because the selection is much bigger!  Target would also be an option but I’ve found they have a very limited selection of curtains and the sizes we needed were always out.

Adding the black and red curtains really tied this look together.  Lastly we threw in a black comforter set and she is good to go!  I am very happy with the comforter we chose because it was inexpensive and the quality is pretty good.  It’s the Shavel Home Products Microfiber Comforter Mini Set, Black/Grey, Twin Extra Long here at only $29.99!  What a bargain!

We started off with a design in mind after looking at all the designs she likes we kind of combined them and made our own.  We ended up using a pencil and a level to draw our design before we started painting.

I think it came out nicely and my daughter is beyond ecstatic!

What do you think?  Leave a comment below!  We love comments!!

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