Reptile Gardens – Wild Animal Park

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Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota

Reptile Gardens – Wild Animal Park

If you’re planning a trip anywhere near or in Rapid City, South Dakota, then there is this Reptile Gardens – Wild Animal Park that is a great place to stop off and see! We stopped off here when we did our RV Vacation Trip from Indiana to Utah.  Not only does this park have many reptiles for you to see, but it also has a beautiful replica Safari right inside the building, filled with lots of wildlife including reptiles such as snakes and lizards, and there’s even some birds roaming around in the inside too!

It’s also very beautiful inside, seeing the great safari garden that they care for inside. While there, there’s many different shows that they have going on at different times of the day. Including alligator and crocodile shows, deadly snake shows, and a spectacular bird show!  This is great because you have the experts who work in the reptile gardens to teach you about the different animals and species they have right there in the gardens! The Reptile Gardens has the world’s largest reptile collection, which even contains some amphibians too! You’re able to see such rare species of lizards, snakes, turtles, and even frogs up close! It’s SO much better than just looking at boring pictures in books. A good amount of the species are even transferred from Australia! So, unless you plan on going to Australia, the Reptile Gardens is the only place you will be able to see specific species! pretty amazing, isn’t it? I sure thought so! Outside of the main dome in the reptile gardens, are a few more places to visit! Such as the kookaburra’s cage which is just a short walk outside. Now this bird is adorable! We were told that if you make monkey noises to this bird, that it will imitate it, and it sure did! The Reptile Gardens has some other good areas to see, such as the bald eagle and prairie dog viewings! So if you’re anywhere near Rapid City, South Dakota, the Reptile Gardens is a fantastic place to visit and see a lot of nature!

Savings Tip:  If you plan to make a visit to Reptile Gardens, I suggest calling ahead of time to find out their current promotions.

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