Tips for Designing a Modern Garden

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Tips for Designing a Modern Garden

A modern garden design is clean and contemporary, combining character and rigid landscaping techniques to create a space that can be peaceful and serene. Modern gardens are meant to be functional, but still centered around nature and flourishing. The trick is to choose plants and garden materials that help you create a clean and well laid out space in a geometric manner around the outdoor living spaces that you need.

Tips for Designing a Modern Garden

If you want to create a modern garden design that includes a bit of rustic looking design, clean lines and a unique variety of plants, use these tips.


Create a Garden Spreadsheet

Just like designing a home or a room, it helps to lay out the actual garden space on a spreadsheet so that you can determine the size and shape you are working with. With a spreadsheet you can lay out the garden into geometric shapes and designs that you want to work into the garden, making it easier to implement it when the garden is being created. Divide the garden up into a grid and start designing from the outside in.


Soften Up Layout With Plants

To balance out the modern garden design you are creating, think about the plants that you can use to fill in the garden. Even though a rigid garden design with complicated lines is the goal, you need to soften up the edges of the garden with the plants that you plant.  A garden that is laid out in a grid can be filled with alternating plant and landscaping materials. Both the garden beds and surroundings can be softened with plants, in the form of manicured hedges, flowers and vines.


Pick Hardscape Material

The hardscape material that you decide to use in the garden is just as important as the plants that you add. Stones, borders, trellises and flooring can all change the look of the garden and make the perfect framework for the rest of the garden. Adding fencing and raised flooring, gives the garden different areas that can help create an outdoor living set up that truly is an extension of your home.


Create Garden Shapes

To give the garden the modern feel that you are after, you want to add a lot of solid and distinct shapes to the garden. Spheres, boxes and lines are all a way to create balance in the garden, and you can do this with well manicured plants or garden ornaments. Try clumping the same shapes into the same place and dividing up other ones around the garden to create continuity. Mixing up shapes in this way, helps you build on the foundation that you have already created with the layout and hardscape added.


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