Planting Fall Window Boxes

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Planting Fall Window Boxes

Planting Fall Window Boxes

Planting fall window boxes are a great way to ensure that you can keep some color and interest in your garden and around the home well after the rest of your garden beds begin to fade. By choosing plants that are able to thrive in cold weather, you can enjoy flowers and foliage all the way through till October, even in the far northern locations. Designing a window box with fall favorites is slightly trickier because these flowers are bigger and bulkier than their summertime counterparts.


Use these tips to help you plant a fall window box filled with the best plants for the job.


Preparing A Window Box for Fall Plants

Fall plants require more room and space to grow that other flowers, so the biggest window box that you can find is best for fall planting combinations.  Fall flowers are used to being planted in rich soil that is able to provide it with a lot of nutrients and moisture, so make sure the box is well lined and that you are able to water it regularly.  The tougher stems and flower heads found on fall flowers are able to withstand wind and full sun exposure, so while the size of the box is very important you will have more options when it comes to where the box is placed.



Chrysanthemums are a popular fall flower, and they come in a huge variety of colors sizes. For window boxes look for smaller half quart sized plants that will fit into a small space better than a plant that has already reached full size. These plants are a great choice if you want to fill the entire box with a solid color, they will provide a wealth of flowers for a couple months. Alternately, you can create a rainbow of colors when you plant one of each plant in different colors.


Ornamental Kale or Cabbage

Ornamental vegetables are a great fall plant because of the interesting leaves and colors that they are grown for. Try tucking either one into the front edge or borders of the window box, in front of plants that are in the background and have a lot of foliage on the bottom.



Asters are another strong fall bloomer, similar to chrysanthemum flowers in appearance but only having a single row of flower petals. Asters can grow to be slightly taller, but less bushier than chrysanthemums so they are a great option to plant behind the more colorful bushy plants that you want to include in the flowerbox.



Colchicum is a pink, fall blooming bulb that is small and compact, fitting well into a window box already filled with other popular fall bloomers. The bulbs resemble the popular springtime crocus bulbs and can be grown in a box that is in full to low sun, making them a great filler.

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