Full Sun Plants for a Window Box

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Full Sun Plants for a Window Box

Full Sun Plants for a Window Box

Every window box should be planted according to the location where the box will be placed, so a full sun location needs plants that thrive in constant sunshine. There are so many sun loving combinations that can be created using plants that would do well in a window box. The best options though are going to be those plants that can tolerate the high amounts of sun, wind exposure and growing in a tight container with several other plants in close proximity.   The best way to plant a full sun window box is to mix the types of plants that you want to use, including both herbs and floral plants, as well as using annuals and perennial plants. The texture and way in which each type of plant grows is important for placement and to ensure that the plants you choose are all able to cohabitate in the same window box. Try these varieties for the best results.

Variegated Vinca Vine

Every window box needs a plant or two that falls over the edge, draping the sides of the window box with leafy stems. Vinca vine is a great potted vine that loves full sun and comes in many different varieties so you can choose a green or yellow and white option depending on the other types of plants you decide to use.


Thyme is a full sun herb plant that does very well in small containers and can be used as an edge of the window box option. The flower drapes itself over the sides or whatever garden its added to, taking on a role of ground cover or creeper depending on its environment. Thyme will grow faster as the season progresses and its able to take advantage of the full sun. When fall comes around you can bring the thyme indoors to continue growing or leave it in the window box where it will return when spring arrives.

Coral Bells

For the center of the window box try bright coral bells which create vertical interest with flowers that bloom up and down the tall stems. Both stem and flowers add color and contrast well with whatever you decide to plant them next to. Keep coral bells well watered and pinch flowers when they’ve finished blooming.


Coleus plants are a great potted plant choice for full sun, and they add a bright and bold pop of color with their red leaves. This is probably the best foliage choice you can make for a window box, the plants have the ability to shoot up and really fill in a large amount of space with their leaves.


This plant has made a name for itself in the past few years, growing well in tight containers and hanging baskets where most plants find living conditions too stressful for survival. Heliotrope will not only thrive, but the flower heads get bigger as time passes and open into full crowns of tiny flowers that really pack a punch when there are several of them planted together.

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  1. My window box planter isn’t very deep. Its been a challenge to create a beautiful planter box !! This summer I even skipped planting anything in it because of the full sun exposure & shallowness ( about 6″-8″inches but its quite long in length) I’ve noted the Vinca vine, thyme, Coral bells , coleus & heliotrope !! I live in Oregon/Southern area where temperatures in the fall and winter are usually very mild. We rarely frost over with the average low temperature is 45degrees. Thank you & I hope that you can give me ideas to create a really charming & beautiful box !!

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