5 Ways to Get Help Moving for Free

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5 Ways to Get Help Moving for Free

5 Ways to Get Help Moving for Free

If you are planning a move, you probably already realize you can’t do it alone. Bringing
in help to make sure you get everything done and get where you’re needing to go is a
must. You may not have unlimited funds to hire large crews of movers, but you can get
help without spending a dime.

Use Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may be able to help you spread the word
that you need help. Family and friends may be willing to lend a hand if you put out the
call. Facebook is also full of trading, selling, swapping, and even “pay it forward” groups.
Do a search to find such groups in your local community. Post on these sites to ask for
volunteers who are willing to help with your move.

Recruit Help from Your Church

Do you attend a local church? Check with your pastor to see if your church’s youth
group or outreach ministry would be willing to help with a move. Offer pizza or
doughnuts to the youth or other teams as thanks.

Barter for Help

Bartering is a system of trading goods and services instead of exchanging funds. Barter
may be a great way to get some help with your move. Post an ad on local swap or
barter groups’ Facebook pages or on CraigsList. Post signs around your community.
Offer a specific service (before you move if you are leaving the area) or some type of
goods in exchange for help with the move. Perhaps you can dog sit, fix a lawnmower,
mow a yard, give a ride in exchange for help moving. If you are decluttering your stuff
before the big move, offer a load of your unwanted stuff in exchange for help moving.

Offer Free Food

Spread the word in your community and amongst neighbors that you will be providing
food in exchange for help with moving. Invest in disposable dishes and flatware then
order up some pizzas or barbecue and all the fixings to attract and feed hungry helpers.

Ask for Help from Service Organizations

Local service organizations in your community or even in your local school may be
willing to help out. Youth service groups at high schools, colleges, or universities may
help you out as a community service project. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask!
Finding some free help for your upcoming move may not be as difficult as you think.
Knowing how — and where — to ask to ask for free help may make all the difference in
the world. Offering something in exchange for help may bring plenty of help to your
doorstep and before you know it, your stuff will be where it needs to be — your next

If you plan on moving out of state, then here are some tips to make your trip go smoothly! Since you’re moving, you’re going to need boxes! Here are some super cheap cardboard boxes that you might need!

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