Why Your Cleaning Schedule Isn’t Working Anymore

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Why Your Cleaning Schedule Isn't Working Anymore

Why Your Cleaning Schedule Isn’t Working Anymore


When it comes to running a household effectively, a cleaning schedule is a must. Having a cleaning schedule that works is the key to keeping things done and sharing the load. If you find that your cleaning schedule is no longer working and your home is falling apart from the dirt and grime, perhaps it is time to revise it. The first step is figuring out what is not working and why.


Here are some common cleaning schedule problems that get overlooked:


Your cleaning schedule is not realistic


A good example of this would be putting down “Clean out the garage” for Wednesdays when you have work and the kids have soccer practice. You know that is impossible and yet you put it down anyway. This is not an effective cleaning schedule. Break the task down into smaller bites and understand that it will take time to get things where you want them.


Your cleaning schedule is ignored


You can write out the best cleaning schedule on the planet but if nobody reads or follows it, you are toast. A good cleaning schedule can’t be ignored and must be shared with all involved. Sometimes that means reinforcing the need to follow it. (Which brings us to the next mistake)


Your cleaning schedule is not being enforced


If your kids or spouse is not following the cleaning schedule, that is probably because you are not enforcing it. Make sure you follow through with each person, each day if something is not done. If you need to, call family meetings and dole out punishments. (It is up to you how you punish your spouse…good luck with that) Perhaps a dirty kitchen could equal an empty supper table.


Your cleaning schedule is not front and center


Believe it or not, having your cleaning schedule where everyone sees it does make a difference. Put the daily requirements in plain view or perhaps on a dry erase board. This helps for reminding and for compliance among those that are pretending “not to know” that something is due to be done.


Your cleaning schedule is not properly organized


Without full compliance and teamwork, your cleaning schedule is going to fall apart. For this reason, you need to pick the right people for the right jobs. Your son is not likely going to be effective at doing the dishes properly, but he might be a great choice for mowing the lawn on a regular basis. Common sense is the key here and you might as well take advantage when someone likes a particular task. Organize it right and you will get a much higher compliance rate.


Your cleaning schedule is certainly dependant on a ton of factors and not all of them are in your control. Make sure you sit down with your family and talk about how important it is for everyone to do their part. Take volunteers for certain jobs and equally distribute the rest in a fair manner. With some teamwork, you can keep your house clean and sparkling all the time.  It sure does help when everyone is on board too.

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