7 Awesome Uses for Dryer Sheets

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7 Awesome Uses for Dryer Sheets

7 Awesome Uses for Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are not the first things that come to mind when you think about creativity but perhaps they should be. These little rectangles of freshness can be used in a ton of fantastic and helpful ways. While they do a wonderful job of keeping our clothes clean and fresh in the dryer, they can do so much more.

Here are seven fun and creative uses for dryer sheets for you to try:

Place In Shoes to Eliminate Foot Odor Problems

Foot odor can really be a problem when you have a house full of kids. If your kids (or anyone else) has a common problem with foot odor, stuff a dryer sheet up in the shoe over night. You will wake up to a clean and refreshing smell rather than the typical locker room smell tennis shoes can give off.

Use As A Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent? Absolutely! Hang a few of these sheets out on your porch when you are entertaining and it will not only boost the scent factor…it will also act as a natural repellent for mosquitoes according to grandmothers everywhere.

Put In Your Toilet Paper Rolls

Stuffing a dryer sheet into a roll of toilet paper is a brilliant idea. Every time someone spins the toilet paper (when it is needed the most), a fresh scent is released into your bathroom to enjoy. Forget the matches, right?

Or of course you could always try my world famous DIY poo poo bathroom spray! 

Clean Window Blinds and Ceiling Fans With Them

When you wipe down a ceiling fan or window blinds in your home, dryer sheets can cut the amount of time needed. Much like the little mop sheets that are so popular, they grab the dust quickly and easily. No elbow grease is usually required.

Add Them To Luggage For Clean Smelling Clothes

When you put your luggage away, or when you head off on a new trip, a few dryer sheets in your luggage can work some serious musty-avoiding magic. When you open your suitcase again, you will smell nothing but a clean, fresh scent.

Hang Sheets In The Closets for Fresh Smells

A bit of tape and a few dryer sheets can keep your closet smelling fantastic. Closets tend to get a bit of an “old” smell without a little help and these dryer sheets are perfect. They are easy to hang, quick to change and they smell fantastic.

Put Them In The Bottom of Wastebaskets

When you change your trash, make sure you toss a dryer sheet into the bottom of the can. This will allow you to keep a clean smell even when the trash might not be so clean. Nobody likes a stinky trash can.

What other great uses for dryer sheets do you know of?

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