Earn Real Cash by Watching Commercials and Ads!!! I’m earning $17.32 per hour!

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Money Making Opportunity!!!

Head over to Jingit and start making money by watching commercials online!

It’s easy to start! Head over here, click the Earn Now button and you are on your way to extra cash!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up here first
  2. Log in (you can use your Facebook to log in which I found easiest because it prefilled all my info)
  3. Then it asked for my phone number but only to verify I am a real person (they don’t use your phone number for any other reason and I TESTED THIS)!
  4. Jingit will send you a verification code via text message (standard text rates apply)

Voila! That’s it! Now you’re in and you can start earning real cash!

TIP:  If you download the app on your smartphone, you can earn cash when you check in at Walmart Stores!

I just did my first video and I already have $3.26!!! I am making $17.32 per hour! Oh yeah!

Don’t miss out on this amazing money making opportunity!!! I don’t know about you, but I could always use a few extra bucks near the holidays!



Advertisers will be paying you cash in exchange for your time and attention to complete advertising engagements through the Service. You may access such payments at any time through your Jingit account by adding cash from your Jingit Account to your Jingit Visa® Debit Card based on certain limits: 1) You are limited to three transfers per day up to $99.99 each, with a total of thirty (30) transfers per month (Please see the Jingit Visa® Debit Card terms and conditions for further information) and 2) only one of the three transfers may be less than $1.00.

You may use the Jingit Visa® Debit Card like a “regular” debit card, online or otherwise, anywhere Visa® is accepted. You will be paid “real” money for completing engagements using the Jingit Service. You are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any taxes for money earned through the Service or the Site.


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