Lose Gut Fat with these simple tips!

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Lose Gut Fat with these simple tips

Lose Gut Fat with these simple tips


Lose gut fat by blending the perfect calorie burning, lower abs exercises and healthy dietary choices. Our green smoothie recipes have been popular on this subject.  The lower ab is the most difficult fat magnet that is highly tasking to get rid of. And sadly, they are also the easiest places to store excess fat in our body too. Here are some pointers to help you cross the bridge from ugly fat to curvaceous hips.


Cardiovascular exercises

Cardio is one quick way to burn those carbs. Any exercise like running, biking, walking etc will suit the purpose. But also make sure not to overdo the exercises as this might burn your beloved muscles too!


Fight fat with food

The visceral fat can be easily burnt by eating some of the monounsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil, nuts and avocados are some of the best. Pine nuts are another MUFA which when eaten 15-20 minutes before a meal will stop you from overeating.


Healthy drinks

Eating healthy is just the beginning. Finish off your meal or snack with green tea which contains Catechins that have the capacity to burn fat cells within the body. Around 4 cups of green tea will keep you healthy and fat-free.



There is not enough words to stress the importance of the most obvious necessity to lose gut fat: WATER. Cleansing the body o toxins, you will feel the difference in your abs when there is not enough water content in your body.


Sugar Consumption

Sugar is a big culprit for the increased fat in your lower stomach. Remember that sugar is present in fruits, drinks and much more that we eat on a regular basis.


A combination of the above tips is sure to reduce that ugly fat from your gut to give you a flat tummy. Being the most stubborn fat storing zone, it is vital to be reduced asap.


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