Top 10 Reasons Why Exercise Is My Antidepressant Drug

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Top 10 Reasons Why Exercise Is My Antidepressant Drug

Top 10 Reasons Why Exercise Is My Antidepressant Drug

A huge number of people suffer from depression in this world and there are all kinds of ways to treat it. Each person has to determine what works best for them and not every answer is going to be the same. For me, exercise is my antidepressant drug of choice. It works each and every time I need it and it is always available. Here are five good reasons I roll with exercise to make me feel better:

It works

The first reason I do it is because it actually works. When I feel depressed, getting my body moving is the best thing for me. It quickly releases endorphins and all kinds of feel good stuff in my brain. The workout usually distracts me and gets me back in a positive mindset. I am able to think clearly and my body is benefitting during the process. Bottom line, I don’t stay depressed when I workout or exercise.

I can’t really overdose on it

If I feel bad, I can always exercise. I don’t have to keep up with a pill schedule or worry if I missed a dose. I simply get active and “take my medicine” when I need it. Exercise is also free as a bonus so I am free to get all I need as I need it.

I can do it anytime, anywhere

Exercise is also great because I can do it anyplace and anytime. If I am at work and stuck at my desk, I can do calf stretches or finger exercises. There are countless exercises you can do for virtually any situation. The freedom that exercise affords me in comparison to pills and other solutions is huge.

It only helps my body

Nobody can argue that the pills one takes for depression are good for them. I am fully aware that some folks need the pills and I understand that not all people are the same. I just know that for me, I like the idea of doing something that works and actually helps my body without question. Exercise is only going to make me more healthy, which is also going to benefit my depression along the way. It is a win all the way around.

It is much quicker acting

Having taken antidepressants before, I am familiar with the slow acting nature of them. Exercise on the other hand has an almost instant effect on my mood and my feelings. Because it is so quick acting, exercise is my first choice by a long shot.

Everyone has to make their own way through the depression issues we face, but exercise can be a part of the process for just about anyone. Before you take pills that could potentially be harmful in the long run, perhaps giving this a try would make sense.

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