Five Awesome Reasons to Enjoy Garlic

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Five Awesome Reasons to Enjoy Garlic

Five Awesome Reasons to Enjoy Garlic

Garlic is one of the most phenomenal foods on our planet and civilization caught on to that really quickly. Long before garlic was used as a primary cooking tool, garlic was used medicinally.

Garlic contains a number of great components that make it incredibly healthy to consume. In fact, we are still discovering the various health benefits of garlic. Regardless, we know it is awesome for us and that we should enjoy it often.

Here are five great reasons to enjoy garlic on a regular basis:

It is a great low calorie food

Few foods are so tasty without carrying a pretty heavy caloric count. Garlic is extremely low cal and because it has such a powerful flavor, it takes only a little to get the enjoyment.

Low calories are always a good thing when we are trying to stay healthy or lose weight. Add some garlic and you won’t need all that salt and flavoring that hurts you!

It boosts our immune system

Studies have shown that garlic makes our engines rev and our immune system work better. When you have a cold, taking garlic can shorten the symptoms, shorten the cold itself and generally make you feel better. Garlic contains something called Allicin that has been shown to have all kinds of medicinal qualities.

It fights high blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol

There are many different diseases and health issues that garlic is thought to be wonderful for but high blood pressure and lower cholesterol are two that are proven. Garlic is also thought to help with everything from dementia to Parkinson’s disease but tests are still being done.

High blood pressure is a very notable one simply because some folks say it works as good as blood pressure medicine. (Of course consult your doctor before trying such a substitution.)

It is loaded with nutrients

Garlic contains tons of Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin B6 and Manganese to name a few. These are all quite important to our health and taking garlic supplements our vitamins and nutrients quite well.

Again, the allure of garlic is that it can deliver all of these benefits even in tiny amounts. Most people love garlic, but even if you don’t there are ways to still work it into your daily dietary routine.

It tastes fantastic

Of course, the ultimate reason to have garlic is because it is delicious. As an addition to pretty much any dish, garlic will add a power packed flavor burst that is distinctive and exciting.

Although garlic is not universally loved, it is certainly not far from it. Learn to use some garlic in your cooking and you will quickly understand why is considered so highly by chefs all over the world.

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Five Awesome Reasons to Enjoy Garlic

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