Simple Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication

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Simple Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication

Simple Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication

Depression comes in many shapes and sizes and no one solution will cure them all. Some people are clinically depressed while others suffer from temporary sadness. Depression is serious, however, and should be treated by a physician. Depression is often treated with prescription medicine. There are those that detest taking medicines and we all should strive to find easier methods…particularly when dealing with medications that can be dangerous themselves.

To find the right solution for depression, some will search longer than others. Some will end up needing medication after all. Whatever the case, here are some of the better depression cures that can be done without medicine:

Exercise – To the person, anyone that knows about depression will tell you that exercise is one of the healthiest solutions for depression known. It is not only healthy, however. It is also highly successful for many people. Exercise releases endorphins.  Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling within the body. Walking, running, weight training or even aerobics work just fine. Give it a shot!

Start a New Hobby – Perhaps a new sport, crafting hobby, sewing hobby or even collection hobby can help to boost your spirits. Hobbies are great because they help us to shut off the negative thinking that is always around with depression.

Spend some time in nature – Nature is a fantastic natural solution for depression but it only works if you get far enough to leave the city behind. Getting out in the wilderness and enjoying a nice day of sunshine can do wonders for your mood.

Get in the sun – Speaking of sunshine, that too is a natural remedy for depression. The light is life giving and it can boost a bad mood quite effectively in the right circumstances. Spend a day out in the sunshine, visit the beach or simply sit out on the porch for a quick pick me up.

Regulate your sleep routine- Too much and too little sleep can both be a major problem with depression. Make sure you get into a routine to regulate this problem whenever you can. Going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time can be a great help. Give this a try and you will quickly see that it can change how you feel.

Fake it before you make it – This phrase means exactly what it says….pretend you are having a great time even when you are not. Over time, you will slowly start to feel like you really are having fun. This does work though it is not a quick fix by any means. The key is to keep moving and not to get stagnant. Being still can sometimes be a bad move for people with depression.
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