Seven Unique Ways To Use Honey

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Seven Unique Ways To Use Honey

Seven Unique Ways To Use Honey

Honey has long been revered as one of the most delectable treats on the face of the planet. This natural substance is flavorful, plentiful and in large part, healthy.

Yes, you have to use self control and eat anything in moderation, but honey is a fantastic source of vitamins, energy and natural goodness. What many people don’t know is that honey can be used in a million different ways.

Here are seven awesome and unique ways to use honey that you probably never considered:

As an energy boost

If you want a nice little shot of energy, forget about going and buying a five dollar energy drink that is horrible for you. Instead, take a quick teaspoon or two of honey before a workout. The energy burst will be there without some of the health concerns that accompany the other stuff.

Rub it on minor burns and scrapes

Honey has antiseptic qualities and works wonders on minor burns and scrapes. If you get a boo-boo, consider trying a bit of honey before dropping seven bucks on a tube of expensive store bought items. You will be shocked at how well it works.

As a beverage sweetener

This also works in baking if your recipe is calling for sugar. Simply sub out honey for any other sweetener and you will get a wonderful taste of sweet. Honey is so much better for you than sugar and other artificial sweeteners. It tastes better too once you get used to the change.

As a powerful boost to your bath

All it takes to give you a luxurious bath is about three teaspoons of honey in your bath water. The sweet smell will keep you in there far longer than you need to be. You will not ever want to get out of the tub.

To soften your feet

Rough skin is a major problem for many people and especially so as we age. If you have dry skin on your feet, heels, ankles or elbows, honey is a fantastic solution that works wonderfully.

Simply rub a bit of honey into the areas that are troubling you and let it sit for about forty five minutes. When you are done, wash it off and marvel at how great your skin looks.

To get rid of a pimple

Got a pimple you want to get rid of quickly and easily? Put some honey on a band-aid or bandage and put it over your pimple. Let it sit for an extended period of time (at least a half hour) and then take it off. Don’t ask me the medical reasons for it, but the pimple will reduce in size and in some cases even disappear.

To ease your allergies

There are many people out there that swear by honey as a weapon against allergies. They take a couple of teaspoons per day during the seasons they have trouble. There are plenty of people out there that swear by it and get wonderful results, so it is worth a try if you suffer from allergies.

What creative and different uses for honey do you use?

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Seven Unique Ways To Use Honey

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