This Drink Can Grilling Hack Will Save Your Summer

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Turn Your Empty Drink Cans Into a Miniature Grill!

In the world of creative hacks, there are all kinds of ideas that come and go. Sometimes  you come across one that will simply blow your socks off. That is how I felt about this drink can grilling hack! I absolutely love grilling my food and hot dogs in particular, so when I saw this neat life hack for a miniature hot dog grill, I was hooked. If you love bratwurst, sausages, hot dogs or even some basic grilled veggies, this is one hack you can’t afford to miss.

Grilled food is healthier too! Imagine how cool this would be to whip out and grill up a quick hot dog now and then.

Check out this video and return after the jump for some additional thoughts and a ready made supply list:

How cool is that? A barbecue this size could have been a lifesaver in an apartment where grills are not allowed. You could easily do this in your kitchen or on a patio with no worries about breaking the rules!

Here are the supplies you will need (each are conveniently linked for easy ordering on Amazon if you don’t have them):

Drink can

Mini Hinges

Wire Coat Hanger


U bolts

Mini Tongs

Mini Handle

The taste of grilled hot dogs and sausages can’t be replicated any other way than on the grill, so this could be a lifesaver in some summer situations. With a bit of practice, this could actually turn into a pretty neat crafting project as well. Just think of all the neat things you could do with the design!

How will you build your Bitty-Q this summer?

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