15 Ways to Slim Down That Won’t Hurt A Bit

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15 Ways to Slim Down That Won't Hurt A Bit

15 Ways to Slim Down That Won’t Hurt A Bit

Most people associate weight loss with pain, blues and agony. They imagine that all of their favorite foods are being shoved down the garbage disposal forever and that they will sweat constantly from the never ending treadmill they are about to hop on. While you certainly will make some sacrifices when you decide to shed a few pounds, it doesn’t always have to be that bad. In fact, it can actually feel good once you get used to it.

To show you not all weight loss changes are horrible, here are fifteen powerful yet easy ways to begin slimming down…I promise…they won’t hurt a bit.

1. Taking the Steps – It is a tiny change but it can make a huge difference over time if you work in a building that requires them. Make the change and accept it as a must. In time, you will not even notice the challenge. Make it a habit!

2. Park in the back of the parking lot – Yes, it will be a pain in the butt when you get groceries. Yes, you need to skip it when you are going to be coming out alone at night. Other than that, you can do this and simply enjoy the stroll. The extra walking can give you a good little bit of calorie burn.

3. Go half and half with your sweet tea – If you love tea like me, you know it is hard to give it up. The same goes for coffee. If you can’t take the step to go to unsweet tea, at least make it half sweet and half unsweet. You will still be saving off of what you normally drink.

4. Begin using meats as flavoring – Most people center their meals around the meat portion. Instead, use the meat as a flavoring for your meals and include much smaller portions. You still get the taste without most of the bad stuff.

5. Eat much slower – Everyone says it but it is true. If you eat slower, you will get full and stop quicker. Our minds are powerful. We can trick ourselves into thinking we ate more than the we thought. Give it a chance.

6. Walk every single day – Without fail you should get up and walk every single day of your life that you are able. Make sure it is cool with the doc, and then start a regiment today. Walking is generally painless and has tons of benefits you can’t replicate from your recliner.

7. Play with the kids – This is yet another way to get in exercise but not feel it. Kids have a way of taking us back to childhood when we involve ourselves. That can do wonders to make you forget that you are moving and burning calories. You might even have fun.

8. Start trying foods you “don’t like” – When you are a kid, your taste buds are much more picky. Try those foods you did not like when you were young if they were healthy. You might find that things have changed and that you have a new “good for you” food replacement.

9. Learn to love the H2O – Water is the saving grace for many weight loss survivors. Just ask around. If you learn to love water, you will lose weight and keep it off. Spend some time investing in good water and you might be surprised at how quickly you adapt.

10. Find a sport – Sports have a way of turning off our “work” mentality when it comes to losing calories. If you are playing a sport you love, you will burn them and not even realize it. Find something you love and work at it.

11. Buy some smaller dinnerware – Think it doesn’t matter? Try it out. If you have smaller plates, you will put less on the first go round. If you go back for seconds, your mind will take note and tell you that you shouldn’t do that. Over time,  you will eat less. Why not update that dinnerware?

12. Get off the couch – If you sit and do many activities, you will likely snack. One sure way to leave the chips on top of the old fridge is to stay busy. The more you do, the less likely you will be snacking.

13. Add a few fruits and veggies – You might not like them as much as that chocolate bar at first, but eventually you will learn to love the carrots, apples and cucumbers. Just putting even a little of this into your diet makes a wonderful boost to your metabolism and weight loss.

14. Organize your eating – If you eat on a schedule, your body will adapt and begin to work better. You simply need to regulate your schedule and try to eat at the same time every single day.

15. Forget the fads – These things are designed for unsustainable weight loss most of the time. Stick with the basics and understand that weight loss is not a quick fix. Go for the things that work consistently and forget the overnight fads.

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