Seven Top Uses for Epsom Salt

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Seven Top Uses for Epsom Salt

Seven Top Uses for Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is one of the most wonderful sources of magnesium on the planet and it can be used for a number of creative things all around your house. Trying to narrow down the best uses was a challenge, but here are my seven favorites ways to use this incredible resource:

In the Bath

If you have any problems at all with aches and pains, epsom salt can change your world. Put a cup or so of your favorite epsom salts into a bath soak for a half hour or so. You will be shocked at how it loosens your muscles and helps you feel better. It also works great as a foot soak if you are not a fan of taking baths.

In the Garden

For those garden plants that won’t seem to grow, a bit of epsom salt down below the surface can do wonders. Make a tiny bit of epsom salt part of your planting routine. Put about a teaspoon of salt under the plant you are trying to boost. You will be shocked at the results!

As a Cleaner

Epsom salts work excellent when mixed with a dish detergent. You have to be careful, however, because it can be a bit rough. It does work well for cleaning the side of your house and various other surfaces like grout. Just be sure you are careful not to use it everywhere.

Household Plant Growth

Just like your garden, your house plants can benefit a great deal from epsom salts. Simply add a bit to your water and you will be good to go. Plants will grow much easier and you will be thrilled with the blooms.

To Deter Pests

Epsom salts have long been thought to get rid of ants, roaches, slugs and various other garden pests. Sprinkle it around the areas you are having trouble and you will certainly see a difference. It sure beats throwing chemicals around and other deadly substances.

Sunburn Relief

For minor sunburns, you can quickly and easily soothe the skin by getting a spray bottle of cool water. Add about two spoonfuls of epsom salts in water and mix extremely well. Then you can spray the affected areas easily and comfortably. Major sunburns should not be treated in this way.

Bug Bite Relief

Itchy, scratchy bug bites are not enjoyable and most people spend all kinds of money on expensive solutions. Instead, simply use the same mix as above to ease off the itching and pain. The magnesium naturally and safely eases the symptoms.

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